Condominiums at Darley Green Bring the American Dream to Life

Condos for sale near Wilmington, Delaware

Nowhere is the American Dream more evident than in our long-cherished desire for home ownership. Single or married, younger or more mature, owning our own home is a statement that we’ve arrived. It shows that we’ve attained a level of financial comfort where we can now afford to set down roots for ourselves and our loved ones. The townhomes and condominiums at Darley Green are this American Dream come to life. Montchanin Builders, premier home builders in Delaware making it easier for families to achieve their dreams.

Darley Green is a delightful master-planned community of gracious yet highly affordable condominiums and townhomes for sale in Delaware just five minutes from downtown Wilmington, DE and a quick twenty minute drive to Philadelphia. If you want to make your dream of ownership a reality, these affordable new condos in Delaware may be your answer.

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Should I be thinking condo or house?

Both condos and houses will give an owner the same satisfying sense of permanence and security of ownership. But there are practical differences that may make one more suitable than the other.

The classic American house is a free standing home, be it Colonial, ranch style, contemporary, or Cape Cod, with a yard, a garage, and a lawn—perhaps even a picket fence. It can be an expensive custom-built mansion on a couple of acres, or it might be a cute two bedroom cottage in a neighborhood with houses close together.

A condominium, on the other hand, can be a charming 400 square foot studio apartment in a little building downtown or a sprawling loft with as much square footage and as many bedrooms and baths as a house.

The way smart buyers are choosing to own is changing

To those owners who’ve decided that condo living is right for them, a condo accomplishes everything a house does but with few of the tradeoffs. They’ll tell you that unless you’re buying a new custom built house, you’re buying someone else’s design and someone else’s dream.

The layouts of the condominiums at Darley Green are your dream—custom-designed by you to suit your lifestyle and your needs. Need a two bedroom with a home office and a breakfast room? The design experts at Darley Green will help you choose a floor plan that is perfectly suited to how you live.

The condominiums at Darley Green are maintenance free

Unlike a condo, a house and its surrounding property need to be maintained. If the furnace goes out, you better know how to get it going again. If the siding needs a paint job or the drainpipes get clogged, either climb a ladder to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Owning a house has its appeal, but the high level of maintenance is a definite price to pay.

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The new condos in Delaware at Darley Green are completely maintenance-free. When the leaves are falling in autumn, you don’t need to think about raking them. It’s done for you. If the Polar Vortex brings another foot of white stuff, forget the shovel and the snow blower. Just curl up on your couch with a cup of coffee while we take care of clearing the snow.

If you’re wondering if one of the new condos in Delaware at Darley Green might be right for you, then call Amy Meluski at 302-655-2600 and let her show you how condo ownership can be the fulfillment of your American Dream.