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Greenville’s Close Proximity to Hiking Trails and Outdoor Adventures

The delightful town of Greenville, Delaware, is truly full of possibilities. A lovely little suburb of Wilmington, it offers charm and convenience to locals, with a variety of unique shops and restaurants to explore. Hikers and nature-lovers can also get in on the fun, thanks to Greenville’s close proximity to many outdoor adventures.

We’ve compiled some of the top hiking trails and other outdoor destinations in the Greenville area. Enjoy!

Valley Garden Park

You’ll find Valley Garden Park on Campbell Road in Greenville. Located near the Hoopes Reservoir and the DuPont family mansions, this lovely park offers stunning views and immaculate landscaping.

It’s a favorite spot for picnics, complete with a shallow stream accompanied by tiny waterfalls. You’ll love the paved walking trails, which are dog-friendly and offer incredible views of the summer and fall foliage.

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Ashland Nature Center

The Ashland Nature Center is open to the public year-round. It’s located in nearby Hockessin, just 10 minutes or so away from Greenville.

Here, you’ll find 130 gorgeous acres of meadows, marsh, and woodlands, as well as the Red Clay Creek. It’s a haven for all sorts of wildlife—birds, in particular. Bring your binoculars and birding guides when you explore the trails.

You can wander around on your own or take part in an educational program. Be sure to check out the Hawk Watch, Bird Blind, and Butterfly House. And now, thanks to the efforts of a hard-working Girl Scout, you can also enjoy an audio tour of the Succession Trail and Floodplain Trail.

Indian Springs Trail

The Indian Springs Trail is a local favorite of hikers and mountain bikers. It’s closed to horseback riders and all with motorized vehicles. You’ll find the trailhead on Adams Dam Road in Wilmington, to the right of the Brandywine Creek State Park Nature Center.

This particular trail takes you back through history, as well as through stunning natural views. You’ll begin by hiking or riding along a stone wall that dates back from the 1800s, and you’ll progress through a tulip poplar forest that is about as old.

Enjoy the wildflowers along the route, and keep your eye out for deer, songbirds, and water fowl. Expect a somewhat rocky surface that gives way to packed earth as you approach the Brandywine River (don’t wear your favorite shoes or pants; it can get pretty muddy in this area).

After you proceed along the river for a ways, you’ll have the option of taking a left turn to continue along the Indian Springs Trail (which is a loop that leads back to the Nature Center) or you can stay straight to continue onto the Hidden Pond Trail.

The Hidden Pond Trail will also take you back to the Nature Center, but this part of the trail offers a more gradual incline with less rocky terrain.

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