• Greenville’s Close Proximity to Hiking Trails and Outdoor Adventures

    The delightful town of Greenville, Delaware, is truly full of possibilities. A lovely little suburb of Wilmington, it offers charm and convenience to locals, with a variety of unique shops and restaurants to explore. Hikers and nature-lovers can also get in on the fun, thanks to Greenville’s close proximity to many outdoor adventures. We’ve compiled […]

  • The Artistic Soul of Kennett Square: Galleries and Cultural Attractions

    One of the many wonderful things about life in Kennett Square, PA, is the close proximity to amazing amenities—from outdoor recreation to cultural attractions. If you are passionate about all things art and culture, be sure to add the following top attractions to your must-visit list! Square Pear Fine Art Gallery Located at 200 East […]

  • Holiday Cheer: Warm Winter Attractions in Greenville, DE

    Whether you’re just beginning to explore townhouses for sale in Greenville, DE, or you’re already a savvy local, there’s a lot to love about the Greenville area during the holiday season. Greenville, nearby Wilmington, and other charming towns in the area are full of those who love decking the halls and pulling out all the […]

  • Best Places to Enjoy Hot Cocoa in Kennett Square

    Hot cocoa may be a classic childhood favorite, but it certainly isn’t just for kids. The young at heart can enjoy sipping on a gourmet mug of hot chocolate as well, especially when the temperature dips. And if you live in the Kennett Square, Pennsylvania area, there are plenty of delightful cafes and eateries that […]

  • Coolest Museums in Wilmington, Delaware

    Among the many reasons why Wilmington, DE, is a great place to live is its cultural heritage. Wilmington residents are treated to a rich, vibrant arts & entertainment scene—from live music and galleries to some of the coolest museums you’ll find anywhere. If you’re looking for some unique, fun things to do in the area, […]

  • Most Popular Vegan Menus in Wilmington, DE

    By and large, vegan food tends to be more sustainable and healthier than omnivorous food. But whether you’re a diehard vegan or just dipping a toe into the plant-based waters, it isn’t always easy to prepare vegan meals at home, particularly if you also have a food allergy or gluten sensitivity. Take the burden off […]

  • Where to Get Gourmet Pizza in Greenville, DE

    Pizza is one of the most commonly consumed foods in the U.S., but there’s a big difference between standard, run-of-the-mill pizza and gourmet pizza. Gourmet pizza shops emphasize the freshest ingredients, exceptional quality, and creative choices. If you live in the Greenville, DE area, you’ve got a few excellent options for gourmet pizza whenever the […]

  • What Food Is Wilmington, Delaware Known For?

    The First State is a hidden gem for foodies. Given that Delaware has a robust agricultural industry and plenty of coastline for snapping up fresh seafood, it shouldn’t be a surprise that chefs in Wilmington take full advantage of the bounty produced here. If you’re visiting Wilmington or thinking of moving to the area, here’s […]

  • Best Things to Do in Brandywine Valley

    Brandywine Valley is a scenic area that extends from northern New Castle County, Delaware to southern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Here, you’ll find many historic sites (such as the battlefield of the Battle of Brandywine) and fun things to do. If you find yourself in the Brandywine Valley area, or are residents of either Wilmington or […]

  • Best Zoos and Aquariums in Wilmington, DE

    Wilmington, Delaware is a pet-friendly town, with numerous nature trails and other activity sites that welcome well-behaved, leashed pets. If you’re looking for a little animal-related excitement that extends beyond dogs and cats, you won’t have to travel far. Wilmington is home to the much-beloved Brandywine Zoo, and the Adventure Aquarium and Philadelphia Zoo are […]