Best Places to Eat in Philly

Darley Green townhomes and condos in Philadelphia

Darley Green residents know they have it good. Delaware provides residents with lower property taxes, no sales tax and more bang for their real estate buckcompared to neighboring Pennsylvania. Yet, our community near Wilmington, Delaware is just 23 minutes from South Philadelphia, offering you access to all the great entertainment and attractions of big city living.

Another one of the great advantages of living in new construction homes near Philadelphiais the close proximity to Philly’s great dining scene. Within less than a half hour, you could be eating Philly’s best cheesesteak, in fact!Philly Mag readers recently voted on the best food the city has to offer, so be sure to check out one of the following great restaurants.

Philadelphia’s best casual dining

What honest Philadelphian doesn’t love a big greasy cheesesteak? Of course, the locals know it’s not about Pat’s or Geno’s. Nothing beats the “Pittsburgh Cheesesteak” at American Sardine Bar(1800 Federal Street), according to residents. Resurrection Ale House(2425 Grays Ferry Avenue) and Pub & Kitchen(1946 Lombard Street) promise the best rotating selection of delectable bar food. While Philly’s not known as a BBQ town per se, Fette Sau (1208 Frankford Avenue) sets out to change all that. One thing Philadelphia IS known for is their great selection of mind-blowing sandwiches. One such animal is the “Chicken Italiano” at Chickie’s Italian Deli (1014 Federal Street).

The “Roast Pork” atSbraga (440 South Broad Street) is another iconic local favorite, with Italian sausage sided by chunks of roast pork belly and slathered in provolone bread pudding with sesame seeds.  Seafood fans have been flocking to Luke’s Lobster (130 South 17th Street), where the crustaceans are $10 cheaper than everywhere else, but melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Pizza garnered several categories of its own, but if you’re looking for an unforgettable pie, try Pizza Brain (2313 Frankford Avenue); Santucci's (901 South 10th Street); Pizzeria Beddia (115 East Girard Avenue); Gennaro's Tomato Pies(1429 Jackson Street); or Garces Trading Co.(1111 Locust Street).

Philadelphia’s best fine dining

If you are looking for something a little more “date night” appropriate, Philadelphia doesn’t disappoint with the magical moments. The “best dinner worth bragging about” can be found at Vetri (1312 Spruce Street), where an exclusive, high-end dining experience awaits. Another top spot for fine dining is Fountain(1 Logan Square), which has taken over Le Bec as thee optimal upscale destination. Philadelphia is known for its fine ethnic cuisine, which makes for an impressive night out; tryBibou (1009 South 8th Street) for French escargot and foi gras or Le Virtu (1927 East Passyunk Avenue) for Italian sausage, polenta and noodles.

For something new, try Vernick Food & Drink(2031 Walnut Avenue), which will make you feel welcome as you enjoy a nice Chilean sea bass. Jamonara (105 South 13th Street) is a trendy spot to grab tapas food and an impressive side of sherry. For dining al fresco, visit Branzino(261 South 17th Street), which is the sort of place you’ll want to linger a while. When it comes to fat juicy steaks, the top rated establishments include Robert’s (100 Boardwalk) andLittle Fish BYOB (746 South 6th Street). Nothing says “love” like a great dessert; how about the “Pistachio Cannoli” from Radice (722 West DeKalb Pike)?

Choose new construction homes near Philadelphia!

We could go on and on about the many amazing restaurants in Philadelphia. Yet, what’s equally important is where you’ll be living. You won’t have any extra money to eat out and enjoy all these out-of-this-world bites if you’re oppressed by taxes everywhere you turn. In Delaware, there is no sales tax and Darley Green residents report saving more than $2,000 on their property tax bills!

With new construction homes near Philadelphia starting in the $200soffering access to all the sports, culture, entertainment, arts, and dining of Philly, it’s hard to see how anyone could pass up a deal this sweet. To learn more about Delaware living at its best, please call Community Sales Manager Amy Maluski at 302-655-2600.