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10 Reasons to Move to Delaware

Delaware’s scenic beauty, low taxes and affordable housing make this tiny state a wonderful place to live, work and play. Fresh-air pursuits abound, whether your interests lie in hiking, sailing, bicycling, or exploring miles of picturesque shoreline. The shopping is unparalleled, thanks to some of the region’s biggest outlet centers, while performance arts and cultural attractions feed the mind and spirit.

Increasing numbers of people – from young couples to retirees – have discovered the wide-ranging benefits of Delaware living. A Delaware address equals easy access to award-winning beaches, prestigious schools, and major cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.  Moreover, this mid-Atlantic gem boasts some of the area’s most desirable residential developments. Communities like The Town of Whitehall, The Overlook at Rockford Falls and Darley Green feature much more than expertly crafted move-in ready homes – they are designed to enhance and enrich neighborhood life. Community parks, walking and biking trails, and beautiful green spaces invite residents to share and interact, and develop lasting relationships.

Montchanin Builder’s new home communities are a great place to start your life in Delaware, but if you need more convincing, here are ten compelling reasons to move to the First State.

No Sales Tax in Delaware

Delaware is one of just five states in the nation that imposes ZERO sales tax, which makes it a shopper’s paradise!

Other Tax Advantages

Delaware is a tax-friendly state in every way. It has one of the country’s lowest real estate tax rates. In 2016, the median property tax rate paid by Delaware residents was less than .44 percent. In addition, residents enjoy relative low income tax rates (maximum 6.6%). Social Security benefits are tax exempt, and people aged 60 and older can exempt $12,500 of their pension and retirement income from DE state taxes.

Perks for First-Time Homebuyers

First-time homebuyers in Delaware may be entitled to a federal income tax credit of up to $2,000 a year.

Central Location

No matter where you live in Delaware, you are a short drive from regional hubs throughout the northeast metro areas, and most cities are accessible via train making commuting both easy and affordable.

Educational Opportunities

From preschool through university, Delaware boasts a diverse assortment of high-quality public and private educational institutions.

Top Retirement Destination

Delaware has top-notch health care facilities and is close to nationally-recognized hospitals including Jefferson University Hospital and Johns Hopkins. Besides the benefit of low tax burdens, retirees can take part in wide range of volunteer and community activities that cater toward active seniors.

Clean, Beautiful Beaches

Delaware is famed for its pristine, family-friendly beaches, which draw thousands of day-trippers each summer. Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach have garnered 5-star ratings for water quality, and like other stretches of Delaware seashore, offer an idyllic setting for shopping, dining and watersports.

Arts & Culture Abound

Music, performing arts and theater are well-represented in Delaware. You’ll find historic estate tours, art galleries, museums and sophisticated cultural offerings to keep your calendar full. From grand operas to yearly jazz and film festivals, there’s always something going on.

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of Delaware’s temperate climate and amazing natural resources that provide ample opportunity for family recreation like hiking, kayaking and water activities. Delaware has been rated the “most bicycle-friendly state” east of the Mississippi!

10,000 Acres of State Park Land

Delaware boasts 16 state parks and more than 150 miles of trails where visitors can enjoy hiking, biking and horseback rides. Some feature camping and cottages, summer camp programs for young children and exciting programs on Delaware wildlife and heritage.

Find your beautiful new home in Delaware

If you want a place to call home that is walking distance to local shops and eateries – a place where that satisfying sense of neighborhood belonging is palpable – we encourage you to consider the new Delaware homes by Montchanin Builders.

Call 302-472-7212 to schedule a tour or learn more about financing options for first-time buyers!

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5 Things to Do After Moving into Your New Home

Families have been flocking to Delaware to take advantage of the incredible tax-free shopping, great schools, and amazing landscapes. The market for new homes in Delaware is advantageous to buyers, but if you plan to move, you’ll want to get your foot in the door soon. Here are some helpful tips for things to do after you move into your new Delaware home:

1. Get the necessary paperwork out of the way

If you’ve moved into Darley Green, The Town of Whitehall, or another neighborhood in the Wilmington, Delaware area, you can head over to nearby New Castle to update your driver’s license. The Wilmington DMV is located at 2230 Hessler Boulevard.

Remember to update your address and home phone number on all of your accounts, as well as your voter registration. Have your family’s medical and dental records transferred to your new clinics.

2. Get to know your new neighborhood

One of the many reasons why families choose Montchanin Builders communities is because they embody the true spirit of the word “neighborhood.” Take a stroll around your new neighborhood with your family, and introduce yourselves. You’ll likely find your new neighbors enjoying nature trails, playgrounds, or the neighborhood coffee shop. They’ll be happy to point you in the direction of their favorite restaurants, fitness classes, and other recommended amenities.

3. Become acquainted with your new home

You’ve already gone over every inch of your new home, but chances are, you’ve overlooked a few key features. Every homeowner should know where the main water shutoff valve is. In most homes, the shutoff can be found in close proximity to the water meter. Look in the basement along that wall.

Next, locate the main circuit breaker panel. If you plan to use your basement for storage, make sure you maintain an uncluttered pathway to the circuit breaker panel. It’s also a smart idea to keep a flashlight next to it.

4. Make your home your own

Getting truly settled into your new home can be a lengthy endeavor, especially if you have a large family with plenty of possessions. Focus on the essential areas first, like the kitchen and bathrooms. Take the time to put everything where it belongs in an organized fashion, instead of trying to empty as many boxes as possible in as little time as possible. Make sure your furniture legs have protective felt pads when you move them around the floor.

5. Relax!

Seriously! You’ve just bought a beautiful new home, moved to a new neighborhood, and dealt with more moving boxes than you can count. Give yourself a break and spend some time enjoying your new home with your family. Pop some popcorn, click on your Netflix favorites, and bask in that marvelous feeling of owning your own home.

Montchanin Builders wants to help you move into your brand new, move-in ready home in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Check out our stylish homes and family-friendly floorplans when you browse our website, and explore our beautifully crafted communities: Darley Green, The Town of Whitehall, and The Overlook at Rockford Falls. When you’re ready to discuss our buyer-oriented financing options with our lender partner, give us a call or fill out the simple contact form. We look forward to connecting your family with your dream home!

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Home Sales This Spring: Hot or Not?

buying a new home

Real estate sales are a significant barometer for gauging the overall strength of the U.S. economy. In 2016 alone, real estate construction accounted for a stunning $1.2 trillion of the U.S.’s total economic output. And if the current predictions are accurate, 2017 promises to be a red hot year for home sales. Homes for sale in Delaware are in particularly high demand this spring. For home buyers, a hot housing market isn’t always great news—unless you do your research first and choose a reputable builder with exceptional move-in ready homes for sale in Wilmington, DE.

Montchanin Builders has competitively priced, newly built single family homes for sale in Delaware that are located in desirable, family-friendly communities.

Housing in Delaware at a historic high

In some parts of Delaware, the housing market has reached highs that haven’t been seen here in 40 years. Realtors have been reporting busy open house events and multiple offer situations. It hasn’t been unheard of for Wilmington homes for sale to get snatched up for more than their asking price. The competitive buying climate seems to be particularly apparent for homes in the $300,000 to $400,000 price range, although starter home sales are also heating up as millennials decide to throw in the towel with rentals and take the plunge into home ownership.

What’s driving the hot housing trend?

Experts point to the confluence of several factors that are contributing to the exciting housing market. Perhaps one of the most compelling factors is concerns over the possibility of rising inflation in the near future. As inflation rises and rates go up, home buyers face the increased likelihood of rising home prices and higher mortgage rates. Consequently, the prospect of locking in a lower mortgage rate as soon as possible is looking increasingly desirable.

First-time home buyers comprise a significant portion of all buyers, but there’s also been an increase in current homeowners who are looking for homes for sale in Middletown, DE. In Delaware in particular, property taxes are far more attractive compared to neighboring states. This means that people who work in New Jersey might be willing to commute there from their newly purchased home in Delaware.

What does the Delaware housing market mean for you?

If you’re in the market for a new, move-in ready home, conditions might seem similar to the way they were before the last major housing bubble burst. There’s one major difference—mortgage lenders are being far more careful. That’s why it’s important to choose a building company with the foresight to partner with a highly respected mortgage lender. It also certainly doesn’t hurt to choose a building company that offers exceptional quality at competitive prices.

Montchanin Builders of Delaware is pleased to have partnered with one of the most respected mortgage lenders in the U.S.—Supreme Lending, which has been ranked number 33 on the list of the Top 100 Mortgage Companies in America. Through our partnership with Supreme Lending, our home buyers are able to find the custom financing options they need for our competitively priced, move-in ready homes. Call us today to get pre-approved! Don’t forget to ask us about our masterfully planned communities: Darley Green, The Overlook at Rockford Falls and in The Town of Whitehall.

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Quartz vs. Granite Countertops: Quick Tips to Help You Decide

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where kids gather for after-school snacks and where guests linger over cocktails. A well-designed kitchen should reflect the décor scheme of the rest of the home, but also present its own unique personality. As a centerpiece that naturally draws the eye, the kitchen’s countertops are a crucial design decision.

When you decide to make The Town of Whitehall your new home, you’ll have your choice of granite or quartz countertops. Schedule a tour today of the model homes at The Town of Whitehall—a masterfully planned Montchanin Builders community in Delaware. And when it’s time to choose between quartz and granite, consider the following factors.


Granite and quartz are both natural materials, with a slight difference. If you prefer 100% natural countertops, you should choose granite. Granite countertops are carved out of quarries around the world. They’re highly polished and cut to size, but the appearance is left untouched.

If you don’t mind having mostly natural countertops, you could choose quartz, which is an engineered stone. About 93% of a quartz countertop is the natural stone, with the remaining 7% comprised of polymer resins and color pigments.

Aesthetic appeal

Both granite and quartz countertops are attractive choices for every kitchen, but there are some notable differences. Homeowners who choose granite do so because they enjoy the one-of-a-kind look. Since granite isn’t modified, its dramatic swirls and patterns are undeniably unique and downright gorgeous. The showy nature of granite will make any kitchen pop, and homeowners can choose from light to dark granite slabs, some of which have beautiful flecks of blue, red, or gray.

As lovely as granite countertops are, homeowners who love clean lines and homogeneity are more likely to choose quartz countertops. Quartz tends to work best in kitchens that emphasize clean, modern lines and orderly simplicity. If the swirls, spots, and specks of granite look too “busy” in a kitchen, then quartz is a perfect alternative.


Both granite and quartz countertops are highly durable, which is one reason why they’re so popular. Granite is more brittle than quartz, although its brittleness is usually only problematic during the installation process. Once the granite is safely installed, homeowners have nothing to worry about.

Care and maintenance

The maintenance of a countertop is an important consideration. Both granite and quartz countertops are easy to care for, although granite does require a little more upkeep. Granite is more porous than quartz, which means that spills must be wiped up promptly to prevent staining. Granite countertops should also be resealed every two to five years.

Quartz is low-maintenance. Since it is nonporous, it resists staining well. However, it’s best to use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer, as quartz reacts poorly with certain chemicals.

The beautiful, spacious homes at The Town of Whitehall were conceptualized by design experts and built by master craftsmen. The Town of Whitehall embodies an “old town” ambience, bringing together the spirit of true community with easy access to modern amenities. Call Montchanin Builders in Wilmington, Delaware today to speak with a friendly staff member about our quick and easy pre-approval process.

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Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovating your bathroom is one of the surest ways to add value to your home. In fact, you can expect to recoup as much as 65 percent of the cost of your bathroom remodel when it’s time to put your house on the market. The average bathroom remodel costs nearly $20,000, but it isn’t always necessary to spend this much to get the look you want. By planning your renovation with a budget in mind, you might even be able to renovate other key areas of your home, such as the kitchen or outdoor living areas.

Here at Montchanin Builders in Delaware, our bathroom design experts bring their creativity and technical expertise to give each homeowner amazing results, regardless of their budget.

Update your lighting

New lighting fixtures are a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to give new life to your bathroom. With the right lighting, you can make your bathroom look larger and more modern. Expecting a single lighting fixture to add both beauty and function is asking a lot. Instead, expect to install one central ceiling fixture, with secondary fixtures at key zones. The vanity is one place where you definitely don’t want to skimp on lighting. Add contemporary wall sconces to either side of the vanity mirror, which will cast an even glow on your face and make grooming tasks easier. Position the center of each lighting fixture at about eye level.

Lighting in the shower is also essential, especially if you’re still relying on a shower curtain instead of glass shower doors. Recessed lighting is ideal in this area. If you have enough space in your bathroom, you might add an accent light to put the spotlight on artwork or a tile wall mosaic.

Choose your central bathroom feature

Every well-designed bathroom should have a central feature that automatically draws the eye. A hot tub surrounded by greenery would do the trick, but this isn’t necessarily budget-friendly. Instead, consider looking for a fabulous, vintage-style clawfoot tub. Or, you might prefer to put the bulk of your budget into a stylish vanity or seamless glass shower door. If you’d rather not upgrade the major features of your bathroom, consider investing in luxurious tile, perhaps with an elaborate floor or wall mosaic.

Add stylish bathroom storage options

Bathroom storage options abound at retail stores, but those cheap shelving units that fit over the toilet likely won’t improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Instead, add value, function, and aesthetics by choosing built-in storage options. Tall towel cabinets are popular. Try to find one that matches your bathroom and has attached shelving to keep your odds and ends corralled. If you have separate “his” and “hers” mirrors, consider adding a slim, compact shelving unit between them. Improving the storage capability of your bathroom lets you keep clutter out of sight, which makes your bathroom look larger and more serene.

Whatever your style preferences are and no matter how large or small your budget is, the team of expert designers at Montchanin Builders can bring your vision to life. Renovating your bathroom is a smart way to get more out of your home, both in terms of home value and your current enjoyment of your personal sanctuary. Visit our design center or request a tour of our beautiful model homes to see for yourself why Montchanin Builders is the trusted name in home renovation in Delaware.

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Owning vs. Renting: How Montchanin Builders Can Help

New home

Signing the lease on one’s first apartment is a thrilling moment. If you’re like many people, you probably have dreamt of moving into your own apartment while living in college dorms or at your parents’ house. But the glow of independence quickly fades when you realize that you aren’t allowed to make cosmetic changes to the apartment or dig up part of the lawn for a garden. Plus, those rent checks are investing in someone else’s financial future—not your own.

If you’re starting to dream of owning your own home in Delaware, it’s time to talk to Montchanin Builders and our preferred lender, Supreme Lending. We’ve partnered with Loan Officer Theresa Miglino to make purchasing a new home more affordable than ever. You’d be surprised just how much home you can afford when you choose Darley Green, Shipley’s Circle, or The Town of Whitehall—our masterfully designed communities for families and individuals.

Investing in your own financial future

Making the decision to take out a mortgage is not one that should ever be made lightly. Every prospective homebuyer should carefully consider whether they can truly afford to purchase their own home. But, it’s also important to consider whether you can afford not to purchase a home. If you have a basic knowledge of financial matters, you already know that writing out a rent check every month is not doing anything for your financial future, other than keeping a roof over your head. Your check lets your landlord build equity in the property, while you pick up the tab.

The sooner you make the decision to work with Supreme Lending and Montchanin Builders, the sooner you’ll start building equity in your own investment. The equity you build in your home is an investment in your future.

Take advantage of tax breaks for homeowners

It isn’t just the equity you build in your home that will brighten your financial future. Homeowners have access to tax breaks and incentives that renters are excluded from. In many cases, interest payments made on a mortgage are tax deductible. Consult an accountant to verify that this will apply to your situation. You can even deduct your property taxes. Homeowners can also take advantage of federal and state tax breaks designed to encourage energy efficiency. You may qualify for big breaks by upgrading your windows or installing solar panels, for instance.

Montchanin Builders of Delaware wants to help you achieve the American dream of homeownership. Explore our full menu of floorplans, features and communities in today’s most sought after neighborhoods. Check out our floor plans online or call today to discuss moving into Darley Green, The Town of Whitehall, or Shipley’s Circle and begin building your own financial future.

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Benefits of Buying a New Construction Home vs. Resale

exterior-condoAre you in the market for a new house, but pondering the pros and cons of a new construction versus a resale home? Delaware house hunters have a lot of exciting options, but it’s important to consider the advantages of buying a newly built home before making such a huge decision.

In a lot of ways, choosing a new construction home over a “used” home comes down to much more than dollars and cents. For many homebuyers, the decision is based more upon lifestyle preferences, location, the desire for more energy efficiency, as well as a lower chance of being saddled with costly repairs.

Let’s look at some of the key benefits to investing your hard-earned dollars in a newly built home.

Lower maintenance costs

Buying a resale home will entail a higher risk for ongoing maintenance and operations expenses. From painting, re-grouting, re-carpeting and plumbing, these costs can really add up.  A homebuyer might spend upwards of $20,000 on re-wiring the house, replacing an outdated water heater or furnace, and other seemingly minor repairs. On the flip side, new construction homes are generally covered under warranty for at least one year. You can rest assured you won’t be picking up the tab if your water heater stops working or your roof suddenly starts to leak. Also, new homes feature the latest materials for interior and exterior trim that are weather resistant and require less maintenance (That means no repainting every 2 years).

More energy efficient

Homebuyers also need to factor in projected utility bills when considering a home’s price tag. Most newly-constructed houses are equipped with the latest, most energy-efficient appliances— from washing machines and refrigerators to air conditioning units and gas heating systems. The cost savings on electricity and gas bills alone can be a huge boon to your discretionary budget. Why settle for drafty single-pane windows in a resale home when new homes boast high performance double-paned windows that save you money during summer and winter.

Contemporary features

When you buy an older house, you’re often stuck with what’s already in place. Beyond the strange layouts – think small kitchens, tiny closets and low ceilings – resale homes may lack the wiring that’s necessary for high-speed Internet devices, security systems and entertainment centers. With newly built homes, the modern buyer can take advantage of built-in Ethernet and TV cables directly wired into every room.

Community amenities

Some new construction homes are built in master-planned communities that feature shared open green spaces, nature trails, playgrounds, on-site small shops and businesses, and other inviting neighborhood amenities. Great examples of such new home communities in Delaware include Montchanin Builders’ Darley Green, situated 10 minutes from downtown Wilmington, and The Town of Whitehall, which is located within the award-winning Appoquinimink School District.

New home communities in Delaware

At Montchanin Builders, we believe that our new home communities offer more than just beautiful new dwellings – they also provide a sense of camaraderie among neighbors, who are walking distance to fabulous shopping and dining, and have access to some of the best schools.

If you’re interested in learning about our single family estate homes at The Town of Whitehall or townhomes, twins or condos at Darley Green, we invite you to contact our sales representatives and learn more about our communities here.

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Why the “Butler’s Pantry” Has Become a Hot Homebuilding Trend

Modern homeowners demand designs that are at once functional and beautiful, trendy and timeless. The design team at Montchanin Builders masterfully blends these high-demand elements into our floor plans to create thoughtfully designed homes. One stunning example is our Salisbury floor plan, which is now available in The Town of Whitehall and proudly boasts a butler’s pantry.

A quick look at the butler’s pantry

Prospective homebuyers are undoubtedly familiar with the much-coveted walk-in kitchen pantry. During an era in which storage space is more valued than ever, the walk-in pantry is a veritable wealth of shelves and bins. The butler’s pantry is not the same as a walk-in pantry, which is why the Salisbury floor plan includes both luxury features.

In times past, the butler’s pantry was typically a smallish, narrow staging area through which one would walk from the kitchen to the formal dining room. Here, butlers and other servants would arrange menu selections and dining essentials before bringing them out to the dining room. Butler’s pantries usually feature plenty of counter space on which to arrange needed items, along with some storage areas for china and table linens. Sometimes, they would also feature a sink. In the Salisbury floor plan, homebuyers can choose to include the optional sink.

Why demand for the modern “butler’s pantry” will increase

Demand for butler’s pantries is on the rise, thanks to the reimagining of this space. Firstly, a butler’s pantry greatly enhances the visual appeal and unique character of a home. It is an elegant space that brings to mind Old World splendor and grace.

Second, butler’s pantries in today’s homes are far more versatile than they once were. It’s an ideal location for a wet bar. Use it as a buffet space for less formal dinner parties. Some homeowners opt for small butler’s pantries simply to confine pet feeding activities and pet food storage spaces to an area away from the main kitchen. And in a home with multiple kids, a butler’s pantry is a convenient space for the kids to get their afterschool snacks without creating a big mess in the main kitchen. Regardless of how you choose to use your butler’s pantry, there is no doubt that it will improve the function of your home and the organization of your kitchen.

Working with the Montchanin Builders design team

Your home is your sanctuary. Here at Montchanin Builders of Delaware, we are devoted to ensuring every homeowner’s complete satisfaction with our floor plans and our masterfully designed, walkable communities. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the Salisbury design and our other floor plans, but you can also request custom features.

The Salisbury floor plan allows custom add-ons like the finished basement with an optional bar or in-law suite. Or, add an optional wraparound porch to increase your outdoor living space. Call the Montchanin Builders design team today and let us know what you need for your home in The Town of Whitehall.

Montchanin Builders also has new homes available at master planned communities in Delaware.

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Top Home Renovations for 2017

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance or functionality of your home? Perhaps you’d like to remodel it, but aren’t quite sure which renovations would add the most value to your home. When you have questions, Montchanin Builders has the answers. Our home renovators in Delaware design creative solutions to fit every home and please every homeowner. When you’re planning your home renovation, keep these top trends for 2017 in mind.

The look of marble

Marble has long been a staple feature of upscale homes, but in 2017, be on the lookout for it to appear in surprising places. Marble isn’t just for kitchen counters any longer. Tiles with the chic look of marble can make a sophisticated kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Wallpaper has been stealthily making a comeback in recent years and, as you might have guessed, some of the up-and-coming wallpaper trends include the subtle look of marble. Try pairing light tones of marble with dark, richly colored wood or metallic touches.

Improvements for accessibility

Effective home renovation projects add to the home’s functionality as well as its aesthetic appeal. Home renovators are expecting to see a continuing rise in the number of requests for accessibility updates. Universal accessibility is a major concern for families affected by disabilities and for seniors who prefer to age in place. A home renovator from Montchanin Builders might suggest converting a flex room on the ground floor to an in-law suite for when aging parents have trouble navigating the stairs. No-step entries, varied height counters and cabinets, and widened doorways for wheelchairs and walkers are other smart upgrades to improve a home’s accessibility.

Smart storage in the bathroom

Another rising trend you can expect to see in 2017 is a renewed focus on the bathroom – specifically, its storage spaces. Gone are the days in which a solitary medicine cabinet would suffice. For a clean, uncluttered look, homeowners are demanding plenty of storage spaces designed to blend in with the décor.

And speaking of décor, consider upgrading the wall tile. A few years ago in Europe, dimensional tile began making waves and now the trend is making its way around the states. You can thank modern waterjet technology for dimensional technology, which is made to look three-dimensional. This not only adds depth to a room, it provides a visually appealing focal point for the room. Try dimensional tile as an accent wall to complement the vanity or place it above a hydrotherapy spa tub.

Montchanin Builders is a leading provider of move-in ready homes in Delaware. Our team of experienced and creative home renovators will work closely with you to make your vision for your home a reality. Our renowned craftsmanship and our commitment to best practices in construction translate to a winning combination that increases the value of your home and its functionality for your family. Call our office today or email. You can also browse our website for a virtual tour of new homes available at our Delaware communities: Darley Green, The Town of Whitehall, and Shipley’s Circle.

Will 2017 Be a Good Time to Buy a Home?

exterior-condoWith the New Year fast approaching, many people are asking if 2017 will be a good time to buy a home. Real estate and housing market experts have good news for both prospective buyers and individuals who already own.

The positive: home buyers will likely have a better chance at securing a home at an affordable price in 2017. In fact, 2017 “should remain a stellar year to be a home shopper,” states a recent article in mortgage reports.

How do experts decide what is “affordable” to the average home buyer?  Historically, this is calculated based on the front-end debt-to-income ratio, where the total housing payment is divided by total net income per month. Financial planners warn that homeowners may be overextended if their mortgage payment accounts for more than 28 percent of their gross monthly income. When adding up housing costs, don’t forget to factor in things like homeowner’s insurance, property taxes and homeowner association fees (HOA) as well.

2017 housing market predictions

However, experts aren’t in total agreement as to how the housing market will shape up in 2017, with recent hikes in mortgage rates potentially scaring off first-time homebuyers. According to a report in, the U.S. real estate market is forecast to slow down compared to the past few years, and mortgage rates are predicted to climb to 4.5 percent — which is up considerably from the 3.5 average rate for most of this year. 

Here’s a snapshot of several factors that may shape 2017 housing trends:

  • Rising mortgage rates – Some analysts predict that mortgage rates could top out at 4.75 at year’s end due to projected Fed hikes.
  • Smaller inventory – There was already a lack of inventory on the market this year, and experts believe the issue will only get worse in 2017 with even fewer homes on the marketplace.
  • Millennials & Baby Boomers – Millennials and Baby Boomers are expected to fuel a large demand for housing in 2017, with the Millennial market share around 33 percent and Boomers at 30 percent.
  • First-time buyers – According to Windemere chief economist Matthew Gardner, there is huge potential for first-time homebuyers this coming year, especially Millennials who skipped over the entry level “starter house,” and have been saving for a mid-level home they really wanted.
  • New home sales – are expected to rise 10 percent while new home starts are forecast to increase 3 percent.

New homes in Delaware

Mortgage rates, market inventory, home prices and affordability all figure into the home buying decision. While analysts cannot predict the housing market with 100 percent certainty, we certainly know our own needs. Assessing the best time for you or your family to buy a new home may be much more relevant than deciding whether housing prices are “on sale” or trending downward.

Montchanin Builders strives to make buying a new home in Delaware both easy and affordable. To learn more about our portfolio of beautiful single family estate homes, town homes and condos, we invite you to browse the communities of Darley Green, The Town of Whitehall and Shipley’s Circle.

Make 2017 a year to remember! Schedule a tour of our move-in ready homes today.