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How to Buy a Condo: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are numerous benefits of condo living, including affordability, less maintenance, appreciation of the value of your home, and proximity to schools, shopping and easy access to major thoroughfares. Living in a condo building also provides a sense of community with one’s neighbors, particularly if you choose a property within a beautifully designed, master-planned community like Darley Green. If you’re thinking about buying a condo in Delaware, here’s what you need to know about the process.

Secure home financing

You may wish to get preapproved for a home loan before you start your search in earnest. It’s also worth asking the builder if they partner with any home lenders for special financing arrangements. Montchanin Builders, for example, partners with Cardinal Financial to offer personalized financing terms with stellar rates and excellent service.

Schedule an appointment

Once you’ve been pre-approved with a lender, its time to review the floorplans and features available in new construction condominiums. The homes available at Darley Green are one-of-a-kind. Schedule a time to review the available homesites, pricing and design features with one of our dedicated sales professionals! We’ll walk you through the floorplans, design center options, purchase agreement and more!

Find a homeowner’s insurance policy

Prior to settling on your new home, each home buyer needs to obtain a homeowner’s insurance policy. A typical homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the interior and exterior of the home. If a natural disaster damages your home, its possessions, and the exterior property, the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover it. Condo insurance is a little different. Generally a home owners association will cover the cost of repairs to the exterior areas with their own Master Insurance Policy. So all you have to obtain is a condo insurance policy that will cover the cost to repair the interior of your home. Shop around and compare rates – most home buyers will bundle with their car insurance company to obtain additional savings.

Close the deal!

The closing is the most exciting part of buying a condo. You will sign all of the legal paperwork. Then, the deed is recorded and the keys will be handed over to you. Congratulations! You’ll be the official owner of your very own condo! Now the real fun begins – moving and decorating your new home!

Check out these Delaware condos for sale

If you’re looking for beautiful, move-in ready condos for sale in Wilmington, Delaware, look no further than Montchanin Builders. Our condos and townhomes are masterpieces that offer flexible living arrangements and luxurious features at an affordable price point. Situated within our master-planned communities, our condo buyers can look forward to wide open green spaces, community gathering areas, and close proximity to local amenities, including world-class dining and entertainment venues.

For information about the condo-buying process, and to inquire about special financing offers, call Montchanin Builders today. You can also take a virtual home tour of our properties on our YouTube channel.

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Why Buying a Condo May Be Your Smartest Investment Yet

Whether you’re buying your first home or your fifth, you’ll love the flexibility, freedom, and affordability of condo ownership. Here are some of the top reasons why buying a condo is a great long-term financial investment.

Condos are an affordable option for home buyers

Luxury condos are often more affordable than you might think. This is because they share land and exterior walls with their neighbors, which keeps costs low while still giving residents exceptional space, privacy, freedom, and amenities.

Condo owners save on maintenance costs

Yet another reason why it’s a smart investment to buy a condo is that they do not require the extensive, ongoing maintenance that a single-family home demands. With a single-family home, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the exterior appearance of the home site. The homeowner must either spend hours each weekend mowing the lawn, weeding the flower beds, and irrigating both, or hire a landscaping company to take care of these tasks. It can not only be a hassle, but also expensive, and can take the fun out of homeownership.

On the other hand, owners of condos don’t have to worry about exterior maintenance. This is because condos are typically covered by a homeowner’s association (HOA) agreement. The HOA usually takes care of all of the exterior maintenance on the property.

Condo ownership is an investment in real estate

Buying a condo is not only an affordable entry point into homeownership, but it can also be much more financially advantageous in the long run as compared to renting. Over time, the value of your property will likely increase. As a condo owner, you are building wealth by investing in real estate. With each monthly mortgage payment you make, you are growing equity and value while reducing the principal. Renters, by contrast, make monthly rent payments that help their landlord build equity, not themselves.

Beyond the financial benefits

If you have been renting in an apartment building for a long time, you already know the substantial drawbacks to this living arrangement. One of them is that apartment tenants lack the freedom to make aesthetic changes to their homes. Since they don’t technically own the home, these tenants are typically prohibited from changing the wall colors, replacing the carpet with wood floors or vice versa, and changing other features of the home’s appearance.

On the other hand, condo owners have a great deal of freedom with the appearance of their homes. Once you buy your own condo, you can change its design to reflect your own unique style and tastes.

Find beautiful condos for sale in New Castle, Delaware

If you’re interested in buying a condo in New Castle County, Delaware, Montchanin Builders is here to make things easy. Our beautiful, luxury condos in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware are available at affordable prices.

Our much-coveted condos feature two stories of architecturally exquisite space nestled within the carefully manicured landscaping of Darley Green—one of our master-planned communities. Plus, they are just a short walk or drive away from a wide range of local amenities, like fine dining, arts and cultural attractions, and nightlife. To discover more about our available homes for sale in Wilmington, Delaware, call Montchanin Builders today.

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What Is the Difference Between an Apartment and a Condo?

If you’re tired of apartment living and thinking about buying your own place, you might be wondering why you’d look at condominiums. After all, isn’t “condo” just a fancy word for “apartment?” Actually, no. Apartments and condos have little in common. Here’s a quick primer on the differences between apartments and condos.

Who owns the property

The most significant difference between apartments and condos is who owns the property. If you live in an apartment, you pay rent to a landlord—you hold no ownership interest in the property. While it’s also possible to rent condos, most of them are owned by their residents. It’s just like owning a house, except that the condo is in a larger building.

How payments are managed

Since condos are typically owned, not leased, the payments are managed differently from apartments. A rental apartment typically requires a security deposit and the first and last month’s rent upon moving in. The renter then sends out monthly rent checks.

A condo can be purchased with a mortgage, just like a house. You’ll make your monthly payments to the mortgage lender. Each time you make a monthly payment, your equity in your home grows.

Who maintains the property

There are a lot of disadvantages to renting an apartment. One of the few advantages is that maintenance is included in the rent. Of course, some landlords choose to inadequately maintain their properties, causing headaches for the tenants.

If you buy a condo, you will be responsible for the maintenance of everything inside your home. However, in many cases, condos are included in a homeowners’ association (HOA). You’ll pay the HOA fees and the HOA is responsible for the maintenance of all common areas.

How you can personalize your space

Another main difference between apartments and condos is the personalization options. Tenants who rent their apartments have little to say about how their homes look. It’s typical of a landlord to prohibit tenants from putting up shelves, creating built-ins, or even changing the color of the wall paint without prior authorization. Some landlords won’t even allow tenants to use thumbtacks in the walls. In short, tenants have little control over what their home looks like.

In contrast, people who live in condos own their own property. If they wish, they can install new built-in bookshelves, upgrade the kitchen cabinets, retile the kitchen floor, and paint the walls to their heart’s content. There is a great deal more freedom involved with owning a condo versus renting an apartment.

Shopping for a new condo in northern Delaware?

Montchanin Builders is pleased to offer luxury condominiums for sale in our highly sought-after community of Darley Green. If you’re looking at new construction homes in New Castle County, Delaware, you need to check out our beautiful townhomes and condos. They’re nestled within a neighborly, walkable community close to schools, shops, restaurants, and other convenient amenities. Our new homes in northern Delaware offer everything home buyers need!

You can schedule a viewing or inquire about our special financing offers by contacting our knowledgeable associates today. Be sure to ask us about our special $15,000 incentive program for new home buyers!

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Top 3 Trends in Condo Living

For decades, the single-family home was the number one preference for Delaware homebuyers. Market trends have shifted, however, as people began to appreciate the simplified lifestyle offered by condo ownership. Gone are the days when new construction condos attracted a specific kind of buyer: empty nesters looking to scale back, or the young professional willing to trade in square footage for convenience and city location.

Today’s condominium communities attract a wide variety of buyers, from retiring Boomers and young families, to singles and couples who are transitioning from an entry-level apartment to a spacious, two-story condo. The community of Darley Green in Claymont, Delaware is the perfect example of where this is happening.

Why are increasing numbers of buyers opting for condo living?

For many, it all boils down to quality of life. They want to spend their time doing what they love, not worrying about yard work or property maintenance. They want to be close to shopping, dining and some of the region’s best schools, and still cut down on their commute. Darley Green checks all the right boxes:

  • Thoughtful floor plans with options to personalize
  • Gourmet kitchens
  • Attractive financing options
  • A prime address close to downtown Wilmington and historical attractions

With all of this in mind, let’s explore some of the biggest trends in condo living for 2018.

Expanding space

While some have embraced the notion of “tiny house living,” residential developers have also seen a growing demand for more square footage in the modern condo. Young couples in particular are looking for 3-bedroom units that can accommodate the needs of a growing family. Buyers are finding more spacious dwelling options close to the city; instead of cramming into 1,200 square feet, they can choose from open floor plans boasting up to 2,500 square feet of living space.

Focus on community

Developers are also realizing that buyers are not only looking for carefree living close to urban amenities. Walking trails, playgrounds, parks and shared green areas have become the extension of the home, as people yearn for a sense of community and neighborhood camaraderie. In that vein, master-panned developments are creating more than just condos, but a backdrop that encourages communication and a real sense of community.

More family-friendly amenities

Condo living definitely appeals to individuals who want a relaxed “live, work and play” lifestyle. But it also attracts buyers who are planning to have kids and want the amenities and conveniences in place to raise a happy and healthy family. They want homes that are close to reputable schools, public transport and have more features that cater to families. Even empty nesters are looking for communities where their grandkids can visit and have parks, playgrounds and outdoor areas to play.

Learn more about Darley Green

Tired of renting but don’t treasure the idea of yard work or property maintenance? Montchanin Builders has created beautiful Delaware condos in the master-planned community of Darley Green.  We invite you to call our sales center for more information, or to schedule a personal tour at 302.655.2600.


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How to Give Your Condo Color and Personality

Do you love your, but feel that it’s time to upgrade and refresh its look? Every home needs a design re-start from time to time. Depending on your style and budget, there are plenty of ways to add color and personality to your condo.

Enhance with lighting

Lighting can – and should – be more than strictly utilitarian; it sets the mood of the space. Abundant low lighting on dimmer switches allows multiple options for creating atmosphere. Chandeliers and sconces can be a bigger commitment, but also make for a more drastic style revamp.

Try a decorative wall treatment

Beige, in theory, goes with every style. But it may not exactly be your style. There are several options for big style changes in a range of budgets when you opt for decorative finishes for the walls. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Wood paneling has come a long way from 1970s pine paneling. Consider a rough finish around the fireplace for a rustic look, or a smooth finish in the den for some polish.
  • Textured wallpapers are available in timeless or trendy designs. They can be painted to match your decor and removed with relatively little trouble.

Upgrade hardware

Whether your doors and cabinets are decorative or plain, new hardware adds an instant personalized touch. Decorative hardware comes in a range of price points, but even the highest end options offer a big bang for the buck. Best of all, they are easy to change if you decide on a different look down the line.

Add trim and molding

Decorative trims, including baseboards and ceiling moldings, add a refined touch to plain walls. The style and color of trims can lend either a classic or a modern look. Well-chosen ceiling trims will make the room feel larger or smaller depending on execution.

Accessorize with style

Adding carefully chosen accessories is the most versatile way to add some personal flair. Lamps, vases, rugs, furniture – each element adds to the overall atmosphere of a home. When choosing these items, take the opportunity to make a statement while putting your own stamp on your condo.

Find Delaware condos

Busy home owners in DE love the carefree ease of condominium living. The beautiful communities from Montchanin Builders feature condo homes with plenty of personality and sought-after amenities. To find out about condos for sale in Delaware, call Montchanin Builders today.

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Montchanin Homes Feature Latest Design Trends

living roomThough it is frequently overlooked as a small detail, the type and quality of interior trim can have a dramatic impact on the feel of your home – providing a sense of style and balance. Interior trim – including door casings, wainscoting, crown moldings, railings, and baseboards– offers not only a finished look, but it also helps spotlight architectural points of interest. Homebuyers can think of trim as a character-adding component, or as a picture frame that emphasizes the splendor of what’s within.

In short, trim is a crucial design element that adds a sense of elegance and richness to a home. Whether you want to change the perception of a room’s dimensions and shape, create the illusion of high ceilings or strong lines, trim gives you options to customize your vision of the perfect “space.”

Importance of interior trim

Here at Montchanin Builders, our construction management team understands the aesthetic and functional role of design elements in our affordable family home communities. Most Wilmington residents are already familiar with the master-planned community of Darley Green, one of our flagship developments that invites homebuyers to accentuate their personal style with their choice of trim, cabinets, counters and flooring.

We are proud to continue a long-standing tradition of superior craftsmanship and interior design elements in the luxurious single-family estate homes in The Town of WhiteHall – one of the best walkable new home communities in Delaware (Middletown).  Modern floorplans promise a wide range of options when it comes to exterior and interior details – whether you prefer a classic look or the latest trends.

How trim can transform a room

Baseboards and paneling are so common that most homeowners don’t pay it much attention. Consider that, just as paint color can transform the ambiance and appearance of a room, so too can molding elements and trim.

Most interior trim is made of solid wood, polyurethane or medium density fiberboard – giving you plenty of options when it comes to color (whether you paint or use a varnish), style and budget.

What style speaks to your personal taste? From Victorian to modern, trim can be used for many purposes; below are just a few:

  • Raise the roof – Want to create the illusion of a higher ceiling? Simply paint the crown molding along the perimeter of the ceiling a slightly darker hue. This effect will draw the eye upwards. Alternatively, you can install the door trim right up to the ceiling.
  • Make a space appear larger – Cramped rooms may benefit from trim that is painted a slightly lighter shade than the walls. This visual effect makes it seem like the walls are opening, adding more space to a small room.
  • Create an Old World look – If you fancy a colonial or Victorian style, try pairing an eggshell-colored wall with contrasting trim that is painted a muted sage green, mustard yellow or gray-blue.
  • Make a space more interesting – interior trim including picture rails and plate rails is a powerful design tool. By adding a trim line below the ceiling and above a window, you’re adding interest and richness to a room.

Learn more about Montchanin Delaware townhome communities

Design experts at Montchanin home builders in Delaware bring in-depth knowledge to the table in all of our Delaware homes and residential building projects. For more information about The Town of Whitehall, or to schedule a home tour with one of our representatives, please call 302 655 2600.

Spring is the Best Time to Buy a New Home in Delaware

couple looking at new homeAlong with the warmer Wilmington weather comes an influx of calls about our new homes in Delaware. We’re not the only ones experiencing increased activity.

According to, about 40 percent of home sales take place from April through July. Homes are available all year round, but many shoppers take advantage of the spring season for several strategic reasons.

1. There’s more inventory

If you’re looking for a home with very specific features or wish to live in a particular neighborhood, it’s best to look in the spring when there are more homes on the market. Even in new developments where individual sellers are not a factor in determining when to put a home up for sale, builders like basing deadlines for completion to coincide with the increase in buyer interest, so spring is still a great time to look. Unlike the existing home market, you’re not likely to run into competitive rifts with other prospective buyers in a new homes community like Darley Green.

2. It’s a good time to move the kids

Since it could take four to six weeks to close on a new home, depending on a variety of factors, families who wish to move in the summer when the kids are off school should ideally start their search in the spring. Particularly for new homes where customization options exist, early house hunting gives you time to “get your house in order,” so to speak, and make desired modifications prior to a summer move-in.

3. Tax refund checks are coming

With the tax filing deadline coming up on April 15th and refund checks going out within 21 days after that, buyers will have a little extra padding in their wallets to put toward closing, moving costs or new furnishings. For Delaware residents, the average tax refund is around $2,563, according to

4. Prices will only continue to rise, analysts warn

The CoreLogic Home Price Index reports that home prices have appreciated 6.3% over the past year. Their panel of over 100 economists, investment strategists and housing market analysts predicts that prices will continue to rise another 5.5% in the coming year. While mortgage rates have remained around a super low 4% rate, the National Association of Realtors and the Mortgage Bankers Association predict that the rate will be up almost three-quarters of a percentage point by this time next year, which will impact monthly mortgage payments.

Ready to buy a new home in Wilmington, DE?

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and fresh starts. If you’re considering a big move, why not get the property and lifestyle of your dreams sooner rather than later to begin life anew? Call us at 302-655-2600 to schedule a walk-through of Darley Green’s move-in ready condos.

We are located in the excellent Brandywine School District in a safe neighborhood with tree-lined streets, community gathering space, a state-of-the-art library, walking and jogging trails, a stream, green space and waterfront recreation and sports just minutes away. In the master-planned community of Darley Green you’ll find townhomes with up to 2,100 sq. ft. of living space and two-car garages, as well as two-story condos with up to 2,500 sq. ft. of space and one-car garages.

If you’re looking for a new home in Philadelphia, why not expand your search to Wilmington, which is just 15 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport – but with lower taxes? We look forward to helping you with your spring home search!

New Year, New Start, New Home

couple looking at custom built homeJanuary is an extremely busy time in the Delaware real estate market with many people seizing the opportunity for a fresh start. If moving into your very own home is one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2016, Montchanin Builders offers seasoned advice on how to turn your dreams into reality.

Consider the following tips and advice to make the home-buying process easier to understand and navigate. Whether you’re searching for a new construction home that can accommodate your growing family, or want a modern townhouse near the heart of Wilmington, we make home ownership easy and affordable.

Important steps to becoming a homeowner

One of the first steps in becoming a homeowner is establishing the basics when it comes to desired location, needs and priorities. How large does your home need to be? What sort of floorplan is appealing? What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? What amenities are important to you—would you trade a huge kitchen for fewer bedrooms? Is outdoor space crucial?

Once you know what you want, it’s time to figure out how much house you can really afford. The best way to do this is by calculating your debt-to-income ratio and analyzing monthly cash flow. Traditionally, you shouldn’t spend more than 28 percent of your gross monthly income on housing costs. When budgeting for a new home, remember to set aside money for closing costs, which are generally no more than 2 percent of the purchase price.

Don’t forget to check your credit score, which is a very important factor when it comes to qualifying for a loan. Ideally, first-time homebuyers will have a credit score of at least 640 or higher. The best terms and interest rates are made available only to those with good credit. Ensure that all credit cards, installment payments, rent and other monthly dues are paid on time.

Some buyers opt to get loan pre-approval before they start house hunting. By providing a letter that shows your financial security and strength, you show potential buyers you have the ability to go through with the purchase, and won’t miss out on a dream property because financing wasn’t in place.

There are myriad mortgage options offered by brokers, mortgage bankers, credit unions, mutual savings banks, commercial banks, and insurance companies. Each will have different terms for down payment amounts, rates and required paperwork. Do your homework and find the best solution for your budget and long-term needs.

Remember that when you purchase a house, it’s not just a place to call home, it’s an investment. In this context, new homes usually have the added bonus of warranties that cover everything from workmanship and wiring and plumbing to structural defects.

Affordable new homes in Delaware

Montchanin Builders has a variety of new townhomes and condos in Wilmington, located in the master-planned community of Darley Green. Because the properties are new, there’s no need for pricy renovations and all outdoor maintenance is included. They also feature energy efficient appliances, upscale finishes and several attractive floorplans.

Our team is proud to offer affordable housing to first-time home buyers in Delaware and can even help qualified candidates secure $10,000 toward the purchase of a new home. To learn more about our luxurious, move-in ready homes in North Wilmington’s Claymont community, call our information center at 302-655-2600.

Spend 2016 in your beautiful new home at Darley Green, where neighbors feel like family!

A Longwood Christmas – Holiday Visiting Tips

longwood christmasFor a holiday outdoor experience like no other, Wilmington area residents flock to Longwood Gardens in Brandywine Creek Valley, where whirling fountain features, thousands of seasonal plants and sparkling snowflakes get visitors into the Christmas spirit.

The gardens, lakes and manicured paths are bedecked with a half million twinkling lights, making this a cherished destination for family-friendly fun and holiday cheer. If you’re planning to enjoy a Longwood Christmas with your loved ones this year, here’s a round-up of what you can expect and tips to make your visit more comfortable.

Exploring a Longwood Christmas

Visitors will be wowed by the holiday glitter and glow of the conservatory’s focal point: a 24-foot Fraser fir gleaming with silver tinsel lights and blown-glass icicles. Dance to your favorite melodies at the Open Air Theatre, where towering fountains are perfectly synced to traditional holiday tunes.

A stroll down the garden’s Meadow Boardwalk reveals a massive maple tree with shimmering roots, and the Conservatory dazzles with hundreds of trees dripping with icicles and fountain-inspired glass ornaments.

Longwood’s Display Design team worked extra hard this year to incorporate fountain-inspired displays into every facet of the sprawling grounds. The Italian Water Garden features a floating 20-foot tree form illuminated with thousands of lights, and a miniature G scale model train rumbles through the festive landscape to the delight of children.

This year’s holiday displays also feature a brand new fire pit at the Hourglass Lake Pavillion, open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This is a cozy spot to sip hot cocoa and warm up after browsing the exhibits and displays.

Budding horticulturists will appreciate the garden’s spectacular winter blooms, which include Paperwhite Narcissus, Japanese Camellia, Poinsettia, Red-Hot-Poker and Scarlet-Plume.

Holiday visiting tips

A Longwood Christmas runs through January 10, 2016, and reservations are a must. Those who aren’t a member must purchase a timed admission ticket, which allows entry during a specific time.

Heed these tips for a hassle-free holiday visit:

  • Plan your arrival before 2:00 pm to avoid afternoon traffic
  • Go paperless and open your print-at-home admission tickets on your smartphone before arrival
  • Allow extra time for travel — rush hour traffic peaks between 3:00 – 7:00 pm.
  • Take advantage of free offsite parking that includes shuttle service to the gardens
  • Outdoor lighting starts at 3 pm every day and the fountain shows run non-stop all evening
  • Dress warmly for the winter weather
  • To enjoy some fine dining at Longwood’s 1906 restaurant, make advance reservations online.

Historic charm of the Brandywine Valley

The Brandywine Valley and greater Wilmington area are home to dozens of special holiday events and attractions that underscore the rich history and culture of the region.   If you’re planning to visit a Longwood Christmas this year and are considering a move to this vibrant area, we invite you to learn more about Montchanin Builder’s townhouses and condos in Delaware.

Whether you’re dreaming of a custom-built home or are looking for a move-in ready condo, our sales representatives are ready to assist. Call 302-655-2600 or contact us online at for more information.

Fed’s Beige Book Suggests It’s a Good Time to Buy Homes in Delaware

darley greenResidential real estate activity increased in the major markets in the Federal Reserve System from July to mid-August, with increases in both home prices and home sales. This pace is a continuation of the steady growth in real estate in the nation’s twelve Federal Reserve Banking districts—Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, San Francisco, and St. Louis– as reported in the July Beige Book.

The Beige Book, released to the public eight times a year by the Federal Reserve System, is a compilation of reports and interviews with bank and branch directors, economists, market experts, and business contacts. It is issued prior to Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings which take place eight times annually to set key interest rates and to decide whether to loosen or tighten the money supply.

Their decision on interest rates is highly anticipated and has a significant effect on a home buyer’s purchasing power. In this case, the Beige Book comes just in advance of the important and anticipated September meeting of the Fed to determine what to do about interest rates.

Delaware home sales expected to follow the country’s lead

A consistent theme across the twelve Federal Reserve districts is that sales of low and medium priced homes continue to outdo those with higher prices. Boston, New York, and Richmond all reported low inventory which has led to bidding wars among buyers eager to invest in affordable homes before the FOMC decides to raise interest rates.

This sends a strong message to home buyers in Delaware who can take advantage of the affordable luxury of the move-in ready townhomes and condos at Darley Green in Wilmington, Delaware. Why fight bidding wars on the resale market when you can choose your own generous floor plans, exceptional finishes and appliance packages, and move into a maintenance free new construction home?

Darley Green combines a perfect location– minutes from downtown Wilmington and twenty-five minutes to downtown Philadelphia—with a delightful master-planned community of truly affordable and luxurious new construction homes.

Your new home will be protected by structural and manufacturer warranties on everything from your roof to your new appliance package. With construction by an experienced builder like Montchanin, Darley Green homes come with high energy efficiency and safety standards, the latest in home technology, and the ability to customize your own home design with paint colors, flooring, and other touches that will make your new home your own.

It’s an ideal time to consider Delaware homes for sale

The Beige Book report points out that in virtually all markets, prices for low to medium-priced homes are either steady or climbing while the overall rental markets remain strong across the country. The consensus of the twelve Federal Districts is that there will be a continued positive residential outlook, with the majority of the districts expecting this increased real estate activity to continue.

As the Beige Book points out, the increasingly robust real estate activity seen in July and August is a continuation of a steady upward trend in low to medium priced homes. This is creating competition for choice properties, even inducing bidding wars in certain markets. The heightened activity sends a signal to value oriented buyers that there is pent-up demand being released into the marketplace, much of it still due to low interest rates. If the Fed decides in September to up interest rates, mortgage payments will rise accordingly.

Move-in ready condos near Wilmington, DE

There is still time to visit the affordable and luxurious move-in ready new homes at Darley Green, the heralded master-planned community with the small town feel in Wilmington, Delaware. Work with our design experts to help you choose from a variety of floor plans and design features to suit your needs. You’ll love your new maintenance-free lifestyle and a perfect location that’s minutes to everything.

Call 302-655-2600 to speak with a representative from Montchanin Builders and set up your free tour.