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5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

If your Tupperware containers are falling out whenever you open the cabinet, or your pickle jars have found a home next to the cereal boxes, it’s time to declutter your kitchen. Messy, disorganized kitchens are a nuisance to cook in, but if you have a weekend to spare, you can have a decluttered, organized kitchen.

Use drawer and cabinet organizers

If you haven’t been to a home goods store lately, you’d be amazed at the selection of innovative organizers for every square inch of your home. There are specialty drawer organizers that you can mix and match to keep small items in their places. Cabinet organizers are particularly exciting. Look for pull-outs, two-tier sliding systems, specialty lid holders, and dividers that are used for holding cutting boards and baking sheets upright.

Eliminate superfluous drinkware

Most families have more stemware and oversized coffee mugs than they actually use. Sort through your collection and put everything into three piles: Used within the past month, used within the past year, and never used. Keep everything in the first pile and get rid of everything in the third pile. The second pile you can keep only if there’s room—if not, say goodbye to it.

Make your items multitask

In a small, cluttered kitchen, there isn’t much room for specialty kitchenware like garlic presses (pulverize a clove with the flat side of a knife) or electric quesadilla makers (just use a baking sheet and the oven). Instead, make basic items serve multiple purposes. Instead of getting a fancy spaghetti pot with its own strainer, break dry pasta in half and use a smaller sauce pot.

Use the tops of your cabinets

Every family has a few useless, small kitchen appliances they never use. Maybe your distant cousin sent you a fondue pot as a wedding gift or you’ve somehow acquired a countertop rotisserie that’s more trouble than it’s worth. If you can’t bring yourself to give away or sell these items, perch them on top of your kitchen cabinets instead. Many kitchens have plenty of space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Putting infrequently used items up there will free up valuable real estate elsewhere in your kitchen.

Turn your walls into storage solutions

If you have a couple of square feet of wall space, you can make it serve double duty. Hang a sturdy rod from the wall. Hang strong hooks from the rod and use the hooks to house items like lightweight skillets or a pasta strainer. You can also hang smaller items there, like spatulas, whisks, and serving spoons.

Decluttering in Delaware

Keeping your kitchen tidy and well-organized is easier when it’s within a thoughtfully designed home. Montchanin Builders understands the busy lifestyles of modern families, and we design our homes to meet those needs. Families in the Wilmington, Delaware area are invited to tour our new construction homes in the master-planned communities of Darley Green, the Town of Whitehall, and our newest community, The Overlook at Rockford Falls.

Each of our homes is built by master craftsmen with an eye to aesthetic details. You’ll feel right at home in your new chef’s kitchen, which may feature gorgeous birch or maple cabinets in your choice of stain, top-of-the-line appliances, beautiful granite countertops, and of course, plenty of storage possibilities. Call Montchanin Builders today!

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Quartz vs. Granite Countertops: Quick Tips to Help You Decide

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where kids gather for after-school snacks and where guests linger over cocktails. A well-designed kitchen should reflect the décor scheme of the rest of the home, but also present its own unique personality. As a centerpiece that naturally draws the eye, the kitchen’s countertops are a crucial design decision.

When you decide to make The Town of Whitehall your new home, you’ll have your choice of granite or quartz countertops. Schedule a tour today of the model homes at The Town of Whitehall—a masterfully planned Montchanin Builders community in Delaware. And when it’s time to choose between quartz and granite, consider the following factors.


Granite and quartz are both natural materials, with a slight difference. If you prefer 100% natural countertops, you should choose granite. Granite countertops are carved out of quarries around the world. They’re highly polished and cut to size, but the appearance is left untouched.

If you don’t mind having mostly natural countertops, you could choose quartz, which is an engineered stone. About 93% of a quartz countertop is the natural stone, with the remaining 7% comprised of polymer resins and color pigments.

Aesthetic appeal

Both granite and quartz countertops are attractive choices for every kitchen, but there are some notable differences. Homeowners who choose granite do so because they enjoy the one-of-a-kind look. Since granite isn’t modified, its dramatic swirls and patterns are undeniably unique and downright gorgeous. The showy nature of granite will make any kitchen pop, and homeowners can choose from light to dark granite slabs, some of which have beautiful flecks of blue, red, or gray.

As lovely as granite countertops are, homeowners who love clean lines and homogeneity are more likely to choose quartz countertops. Quartz tends to work best in kitchens that emphasize clean, modern lines and orderly simplicity. If the swirls, spots, and specks of granite look too “busy” in a kitchen, then quartz is a perfect alternative.


Both granite and quartz countertops are highly durable, which is one reason why they’re so popular. Granite is more brittle than quartz, although its brittleness is usually only problematic during the installation process. Once the granite is safely installed, homeowners have nothing to worry about.

Care and maintenance

The maintenance of a countertop is an important consideration. Both granite and quartz countertops are easy to care for, although granite does require a little more upkeep. Granite is more porous than quartz, which means that spills must be wiped up promptly to prevent staining. Granite countertops should also be resealed every two to five years.

Quartz is low-maintenance. Since it is nonporous, it resists staining well. However, it’s best to use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer, as quartz reacts poorly with certain chemicals.

The beautiful, spacious homes at The Town of Whitehall were conceptualized by design experts and built by master craftsmen. The Town of Whitehall embodies an “old town” ambience, bringing together the spirit of true community with easy access to modern amenities. Call Montchanin Builders in Wilmington, Delaware today to speak with a friendly staff member about our quick and easy pre-approval process.

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Sprucing Up for Spring? Check Out These Fresh Design Ideas

Spring is officially here. Is your home ready? Before you get busy planning to host large family reunions or neighborhood barbecues, consider taking advantage of this spring’s fresh design ideas. Whether you choose a quick coat of paint for your walls or a major home addition, you can look forward to showing off your beautiful home during the warmer months.

Explore the psychology of color

Vintage wooden swing in the garden of an old house in springFew features evoke a visceral response quite like color, but it’s often difficult to know which color palette would work best for your home. Light, airy hues are reminiscent of springtime, but they also work well all year-round. Try creamy yellows that escort the sunlight into every corner of your home. Light greens encourage an energetic, yet soothing ambience and light rose hues create inviting spaces.

If pastels aren’t to your taste, you could break the mold by using stronger colors for springtime. Instead of strong red hues, try a bold orange palette, which offers a contemporary feel.

Remember to match your walls to the main decorative features of each room. If you have bold, bright rugs and throw pillows, choose a neutral, earthy color for your walls. Or, choose one color that plays a supporting role in your décor features and carry over its visual presence to the walls.

Extend your outdoor living spaces

Spring and summer are excellent opportunities to get to know your neighbors better. Consider additions such as a custom deck, patio, or porch. Few things say “neighborly” quite like a large, wraparound porch or a stylistic deck to house your grill.

If your home does already feature a deck or a porch, it’s time to spruce it up for spring. Add vibrant cushions to your porch swing by the front door or invest in new chaise lounge chairs for the backyard. Choose colors and materials that are evocative of nature, like wooden Adirondack chairs, rope hammocks, or wicker chairs with floral-patterned cushions.

Update your kitchen design scheme

It isn’t always necessary to do a major renovation to get your kitchen ready for spring. If you’re still in love with your cabinets, countertops, and floors, you can update your look for spring by adding some energetic touches like glass canisters full of lemons and limes. Flowers are a must to invite nature indoors. Choose springtime favorites like daffodils, pansies, or tulips.

Why renovate when you can buy new?

Planning renovations can be exciting, but the process is often exhausting. If the idea of a move-in ready home in Delaware appeals to you, check out the fresh designs from Montchanin Builders. Our unique floorplans and well-appointed interiors seamlessly combine all the modern amenities you could want with the old-fashioned character that is so often missing from houses in typical developments. Explore the luxurious designs at carefully crafted communities like Darley Green, The Town of Whitehall, or Shipley’s Circle on our website. Or give us a call today to learn more!

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Top Home Renovations for 2017

Are you dissatisfied with the appearance or functionality of your home? Perhaps you’d like to remodel it, but aren’t quite sure which renovations would add the most value to your home. When you have questions, Montchanin Builders has the answers. Our home renovators in Delaware design creative solutions to fit every home and please every homeowner. When you’re planning your home renovation, keep these top trends for 2017 in mind.

The look of marble

Marble has long been a staple feature of upscale homes, but in 2017, be on the lookout for it to appear in surprising places. Marble isn’t just for kitchen counters any longer. Tiles with the chic look of marble can make a sophisticated kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Wallpaper has been stealthily making a comeback in recent years and, as you might have guessed, some of the up-and-coming wallpaper trends include the subtle look of marble. Try pairing light tones of marble with dark, richly colored wood or metallic touches.

Improvements for accessibility

Effective home renovation projects add to the home’s functionality as well as its aesthetic appeal. Home renovators are expecting to see a continuing rise in the number of requests for accessibility updates. Universal accessibility is a major concern for families affected by disabilities and for seniors who prefer to age in place. A home renovator from Montchanin Builders might suggest converting a flex room on the ground floor to an in-law suite for when aging parents have trouble navigating the stairs. No-step entries, varied height counters and cabinets, and widened doorways for wheelchairs and walkers are other smart upgrades to improve a home’s accessibility.

Smart storage in the bathroom

Another rising trend you can expect to see in 2017 is a renewed focus on the bathroom – specifically, its storage spaces. Gone are the days in which a solitary medicine cabinet would suffice. For a clean, uncluttered look, homeowners are demanding plenty of storage spaces designed to blend in with the décor.

And speaking of décor, consider upgrading the wall tile. A few years ago in Europe, dimensional tile began making waves and now the trend is making its way around the states. You can thank modern waterjet technology for dimensional technology, which is made to look three-dimensional. This not only adds depth to a room, it provides a visually appealing focal point for the room. Try dimensional tile as an accent wall to complement the vanity or place it above a hydrotherapy spa tub.

Montchanin Builders is a leading provider of move-in ready homes in Delaware. Our team of experienced and creative home renovators will work closely with you to make your vision for your home a reality. Our renowned craftsmanship and our commitment to best practices in construction translate to a winning combination that increases the value of your home and its functionality for your family. Call our office today or email. You can also browse our website for a virtual tour of new homes available at our Delaware communities: Darley Green, The Town of Whitehall, and Shipley’s Circle.

Top Home Renovations for Spring

overview of deck additionAs spring ushers in warmer weather, home owners invariably start considering home improvement projects they’ve been putting off all year. The snow and ice is finally gone, the temperatures are mild and it’s the perfect time to consider a makeover (or two!) that can really add value and personal enjoyment to your abode.

If you’re in need of some expert guidance on your fair-weather home improvement projects, look no further than Montchanin Builders – a respected Delaware home renovation contractor. Our team leverages a combined 60 years of experience serving the residents of Wilmington, Delaware County and neighboring Pennsylvania.

The following three projects are ideal for a spring home makeover, and many are improvements that will make your home much more appealing for future buyers.

Build a deck

Get ready for summertime BBQs and outdoor entertaining with a beautiful deck. Decks offer an inviting space for socializing and dining al fresco, and compared to other types of home renovations, deck additions can be very affordable. Besides being a cost-effective project, deck installations increase the amount of useable outdoor space. Choose between a wide selection of pressure treated woods, composite materials, tiles, and eco-friendly decking made from reclaimed and recycled materials. If you’re working within a tight budget, your contractor can suggest the best plan that will accommodate your wishes, without sacrificing on aesthetics or safety.

Upgrade your siding

Years of harsh winter weather can do serious damage to vinyl siding. If your current home has weathered or broken siding, an upgrade can work wonders for enhancing the overall appearance of your home. This is a relatively minor spring remodel, and can help if you’re planning on selling your property anytime soon. The first step is having your siding professionally inspected. If an upgrade is warranted, your best bet is some of the newer vinyl siding that is energy efficient and extremely weather-resistant.

Spruce up kitchen cabinets

While kitchen remodels are some of the most popular and rewarding projects for homeowners, some residents may not be ready for such a hefty investment. One of this year’s most trendy home improvements for spring is revamping your kitchen cabinetry. This can be done with brand new, custom-built cabinets made with your choice of wood and finish, or simply replacing knobs and pulls for a fresh look at a low cost. Changing out all hardware for decorative metal and ceramic cabinet pulls can have a nice effect until you’re ready to take the plunge.  If you’re interested in a total kitchen remodel, Montchanin’s skilled contractors can design and build your dream kitchen, complete with new cabinets, an island, and all of the luxurious details that will turn your kitchen into the focal point of your home.

Home renovation experts in Delaware

From garage renovations and kitchen remodels to custom deck building, Montchanin Builders is your source for quality craftsmanship and first rate customer service. Remodeling and renovation projects can be overwhelming when undertaken alone. Put your trust in veteran home improvement professionals who can ensure that your project turns out exactly as planned, and is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Call Montchanin Builders at 302-472-7213 to learn more about our construction management services in DE or contact us online!

3 Home Renovations to Consider this Winter

living room kitchen designThe winter season can bring on a bad case of cabin fever for some Delaware residents.

Turn the season around with home renovations that are particularly beneficial during those long, cold winter months. Montchanin Builders recommends numerous home renovations during the winter months, when contractors are more readily available and you have time to oversee indoor projects.

Consider these three popular home renovations this season if you are looking for a way to update your home, add space or simply enjoy fresh surroundings in 2016.

Kitchen remodeling

The kitchen is often the place where the family spends a significant portion of time, so kitchen remodeling can have a positive impact on everyone in the home. Kitchen remodels also provide the greatest resale value as a general rule, which means you will enjoy the greatest return on your renovation investment. Winter is also the perfect time to tackle this large project, from replacing countertops and refinishing cabinets to completely restructuring the flow of your space and creating a whole new look for the “heart of your home.”

Kitchen remodeling is a relatively major undertaking that can seem overwhelming to some Delaware homeowners. The experienced renovation experts at Montchanin Builders provide expert advice and guidance through every step of the process. With many modern, energy-efficient options to choose from, your new kitchen can be as practical as it is beautiful.

Bathroom remodel

The bathroom is another good room to give your attention to during the winter months. Bathroom remodels can turn your basic bath into a mini-sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after a busy day. With beautiful fixtures and luxurious touches, your bathroom can be transformed into your own private spa with all the trimmings.

Bathroom renovations offer an excellent return on your initial investment. If you begin your project now, you will have a beautiful new space for guests you are expecting this spring and summer. While this project is significantly smaller than a kitchen remodel, the far-reaching benefits of a beautiful new bathroom will continue to delight you throughout the year.

Basement finish

Your basement may be a wealth of expandable space that can add a game room, home theater or additional bedrooms to your home. Basement finishing is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s value while providing you with extra space to accommodate your changing needs or growing family.

The key to a successful basement remodel is choosing a layout and design for the space that will give you the greatest amount of function. At the same time, you want your basement to feel like a cozy haven where you can enjoy your indoor time throughout the winter months and all year long. Trust the expertise and experience of the professionals at Montchanin Builders to help you design a space that you will enjoy and use for many years to come.

Delaware home renovation services

Home renovations can be an excellent way to while away the chilly months of our Delaware winter. The staff at Montchanin Builders is ready to help you transform any room in your home into a modern, efficient and beautiful space your entire family is sure to enjoy.

To learn more about our home renovation services in Delaware, contact us today at 302-655-2600.

5 Tips For Open Air Kitchen Home Renovation

outdoor kitchen - montchaninTwo decades ago, homeowners started to feel as though they weren’t fully maximizing their outdoor space with a simple stand-alone grill set next to an outdoor table set. Beginning in warm locales like California and Arizona, homeowners with beautiful, private backyards began designing more robust outdoor working spaces where they could cook and entertain next to their scenic in-ground pools and gardens.

Today, the trend has spread to East Coast backyards in Pennsylvania and Delaware, where Montchanin Builders helps clients design the backyard space of their dreams.

Our Delaware home addition experts offer the following five tips for a functional and charming open air kitchen design, no matter your budget.

1. Look for low maintenance materials

Being subjected to the elements is what ultimately separates an outdoor kitchen from an indoor cooking space, so material selection should factor prominently in your design. The easier your kitchen is to clean and maintain, the more use you’ll get out of your space. Stainless steel is sanitary and corrosion-resistant. Poured concrete is a popular choice for counters and table tops, as it can withstand abuse from rain and sun. Some customers like the look of cultured granite with UV stabilizers as well. Sealed pavers, concrete, or natural stone blocks with low porosity work well for low-maintenance outdoor flooring. Avoid tile, which can crack in Delaware’s cold winters, and marble, which can be slippery when wet and easily sullied by grease stains.

2. Choose an architectural focal point

As with interior design, the best open air kitchen remodels have a focal point that draws the eyes of onlookers, with the rest of the area framed around that centerpiece. For some outdoor spaces, this anchor could be a fireplace, a wood-fired pizza oven, a weather-resistant flat-screen TV, or a pool-side bar. We always like spaces that are open and airy, but still private – with tall outdoor draperies, a pergola with chandelier lighting or outdoor sconces, or floral arbors. We can help you select similar design aesthetics from your interior to bring into your exterior kitchen space for a cohesive look and blend your entertainment area with other structures like ponds, pools, gardens or children’s playsets for seamless integration.

3. Keep the cook involved in the party

Like open concept kitchens that are so popular in modern homes these days, the ideal backyard kitchen makes it easy for cooks to interact with guests, without everyone tripping over each other. Some homeowners place a water tap or beer kegerator at the end of their bars to encourage people to stop by the kitchen. Others design their kitchens with a bar top connected to the cutting and prep area, which keeps guests close by and allows helpers to join in the cooking.

4. Build in storage space

As Better Homes and Gardens points out, storage space is crucial for designing an outdoor kitchen that satisfies. Stainless steel cabinets are a popular choice, although powder-coated metal cabinets are rising in popularity due to their durability and color choices that include a natural wood look. Rot-resistant redwood works if you’re bent on using truly natural materials.

You’ll want to consider tucked-away storage space for:

  • Trash and recycling bins
  • Napkins and cleaning supplies
  • Glasses
  • Grilling tools
  • Utensils
  • Plates
  • Serving platters
  • Smokers or charcoal grills
  • Woodpile for the pizza oven or fire pit
  • Charcoal and lighters

If you’re a green thumb, add a stand for storing herbs, tomatoes, peppers and fresh-grown produce.

5. Incorporate features that extend your outdoor entertaining season

Outdoor kitchen remodeling in Delaware is aimed at adding spaces you can use well into the night and for grilling steaks even on a chilly November evening. We often incorporate rain shelters, wind-blocking walls and task lighting into our designs. For added warmth, you can opt for a natural gas heater, portable propane heater, heat lamps, fire pit, fireplace, or radiant heat beneath the patio and countertops. To cool you down on those muggy summer days, consider an overhead fan, mist sprays, shade trees, and umbrellas. Mosquito netting or a mechanical mosquito repellant device are also something to consider. Look into outdoor lighting options for the countertops, walkways, staircases, grilling and dining areas.

Partner with Delaware home addition experts

The home addition experts from Montchanin Builders offer high-quality craftsmanship and professional design assistance of the top caliber. Whether you have pictures of your ideal kitchen and know precisely what you want or you only have a vague idea of an outdoor entertainment space, we can help you plan every detail from start to finish. Call 302-655-2600 to set up a free consultation regarding outdoor kitchen remodel in Delaware.

New Year, New Addition? Find the Best Home Addition Contractors in Delaware

couple christmas treeIt’s a New Year, which may prompt you to set goals for improving your living space in 2015. Home additions are a great way to stay in the neighborhood you love, close to the amenities you need, and avoid the hassle of a move, while living in the space of your dreams.

Did you know that every 1,000 square feet of space you add to your home boosts resale value by 3%? Montchanin Builders is one of the best home addition contractors Delaware has to offer. Craftsmanship, communication, comprehensiveness, and creativity are the hallmarks of our home renovation work.


It goes without saying that the #1 factor for choosing home addition contractors in Delaware is finding a company that can get the job done right the first time. No one wants to endure the stress of substandard work and having to hire another contractor to fix the sloppy mistakes. We understand that something as little as uneven baseboards or an errant brushstroke on a paint job can drive homeowners crazy, especially when their precious home equity dollars are on the line. That’s why every job we do is overseen by a supervisor who visits the job sites regularly to make sure workers are adhering to the highest standards we’re known for in our new home construction business. Over the years, we have been diligent in selecting top craftsmen with reputations for skill, durability, and precision.


Having a torn-up house for a little while can be stressful – whether you are continuing to live there while the work is being done, staying with a friend, or enjoying a staycation in a local hotel. A team leader will communicate with you every step of the way. We respect your desire to return back to normalcy in your new and improved home as soon as possible. We’ll provide you with an estimated timeline for each step of the project, keep you notified when the materials arrive, and let you know which team members will be coming to your home to work each day, so there are no surprises.


Most Delaware residents hire a home additions contractor because it’s the quickest, easiest way to get the job done – a truly professional job at that! We cover every aspect of the project — from seeing you through the design process, drawing up the blueprints and assisting you with finance options, to securing the permits, buying the materials, managing the sub-contractors, and hauling away the trash. We leave no stone unturned, no question unanswered, and no doubt in your mind that you’ve selected the right company to complete the job.


Montchanin Builders has been featured on HGTV for our professional design work. If you have a general idea of what you want but need to iron out the details, you can take a walk through our design center to see, touch, and experience different aesthetics. If you’ve ever seen a Montchanin Builder home, you know that we are on top of modern and contemporary trends with sophisticated architectural features that withstand the test of time.

Call our home addition contractors’ Delaware office at 302-472-7213

Whether you want a new garage, deck, sunroom, bedroom, or kitchen addition, or a mother-in-law suite, Montchanin Builders has the best home addition contractors in Delaware. Call us to set up a no-obligation consultation and take one more step toward your dream home!

Delaware Kitchen Remodeling Ideas from Montchanin Builders

Delaware Kitchen RemodelingFor ardent foliage hunters, autumn in Delaware ranks among the best in the Northeast for sheer fall spectacle. But by November, the days are shorter, the leaves have all but dropped, and Thanksgiving in the Brandywine Valley region marks the beginning of winter. The first Thanksgiving, a three day feast, was a coming together of families and friends to give thanks for their first bountiful harvest in their new land.

Thanksgiving hasn’t changed much in spirit since then. In warm, cozy kitchens across the country, a feast is prepared to give thanks for our many blessings.  But for many homeowners, it’s a time where we dream of preparing our Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends in a glorious well-appointed kitchen.

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Some 40% of homeowners plan to undertake a major home renovation—like a kitchen remodeling– this year. Stop by the offices of the master designers and craftsmen of Montchanin Builders to take a look at the plans and photos of some of their outstanding Delaware kitchen remodeling jobs.

Delaware kitchen remodeling sees a new twist for 2015

One of the most significant style trends for 2015 according to a survey of top home designers and builders is the disappearance of the traditional living room and dining room. John Petrie, the 2014 president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association says, “Walls are going to continue to come down”.

What’s replacing the traditional layout is a beautiful and highly functional large great room/kitchen working as the new activity center and connected “soul” of the home. Let Montchanin Builders show you various Delaware kitchen remodeling options that can incorporate the great room concept into your current home.

New townhomes in Delaware are “move right in” solutions

If your dream is to celebrate the holidays in a brand new condo or townhomes in Delaware, then be sure to visit Darley Green, Montchanin Builders’ delightful master planned community in Wilmington. Built in the classic style of a small town but with a modern twist, gorgeous yet affordable townhomes are set back along peaceful tree-lined streets. These move-in ready homes feature up to three bedrooms, two and half bath multi-level living plans with nine foot ceilings, and top kitchen appliance packages and features.

Darley Green is for the homeowner who wants maintenance free luxury living in a small town atmosphere complete with jogging trails, charming shops, and a village green — all just 20 minutes from Philadelphia and 5 minutes from downtown Wilmington.

Montchanin Builders has just the right option for you

So whether your dream is the fabulous remodeled kitchen you’ve always wanted or a brand new condo or townhome, Montchanin Builders has an exciting option that’s just right for you. Let us help you tailor your home to fit the lifestyle you are ready to enjoy, whether you are looking to renovate your existing home, build a custom designed dream house, or move into a brand new townhome.

Learn more about Darley Green’s amazing features and amenities by calling 302-472-7213.

Delaware Home Additions vs. Moving To a New House

mother in law garage renovationFor many local homeowners, a major decision lies on the horizon. Does one call Delaware home addition contractors or home builders? Perhaps children are filling up the rooms or a blossoming business requires space within the home to operate. As we age, we may be looking to downsize or even to upsize and enjoy the wealth we’ve earned. Whether it makes more sense to move to a new home or add onto an existing home depends upon several different factors, which we’ll cover here.

When to call Delaware home addition contractors

Here are some reasons you may want to consider a Delaware home addition, rather than moving:

  • You have a great location. Location is everything when determining value for a particular homeowner. Perhaps you bought your home years ago for a great deal and property values have gone way up. Even if you sell for more than what you paid, you may find it expensive to buy a new piece of land and start over. You may also find it difficult to snag a home with the perfect commute, walkability to your favorite businesses or nature parks, and all the amenities you desire. If you love everything about the neighborhood you live in now, don’t leave it.
  • You have a vision. Some homeowners love the thrill of customizing their space. Whether you are restoring a historic home to its former glory or modernizing an old fixer-upper, remodeling is a labor of love for the creative mind. A lot of people talk about their dreams for the house from the day they move in and find great satisfaction seeing these goals become a reality years down the road.
  • You have the extra money for contingencies. Delaware home addition contractors give you their best estimates, but sometimes the project ends up going over budget. Sometimes they don’t know how much electrical, HVAC, plumbing, or gutting work is really necessary until they start cutting into walls. An extra 25-35% should be set aside for decisions like upgrading to higher end finishes, buying curtains or accessories to complement the renovation work, or paying local fees and architects. Also consider whether you will need to stay in a hotel while a major project is going on.

Expert advice from Delaware home builders

On the other hand, you may want to consider going through a Delaware custom home builder and buying or constructing a new house if:

  • The renovations you have in mind will not increase the value of your home enough to justify the expense. Custom painting, flooring, and other taste-based decisions may not up the value of your home the way exterior windows, a roof, or a new front door will. In many cases, once you get into knocking down walls, ripping out flooring, redoing electrical work, and adding upscale amenities like fireplaces or breakfast bars, you’re looking at a $50,000 to $60,000 job. On a $100,000 home, you will never see the return.
  • Selling your house is easier than taking out a loan. The sale of your property can give you a big chunk of change to buy a new home – or at least put down a huge deposit. In most cases, you need at least 30% equity in your home to qualify for a home equity loan to cover renovations. For instance, if you have a $250,000 home, you should owe no more than $175,000 to the mortgage lender if you want to take out $25,000 for renovations. If you haven’t been in your home that long and you’re already considering moving, then go for it!
  • You don’t handle stress very well or you don’t want life to be any more complicated. Remodeling is not for everyone. No matter how helpful your home renovation company is, there is still a lot of time, money, and effort on the part of the homeowner to make the whole project come together. You might find it a much more enjoyable process to visit a Delaware home builder, do a few walk-throughs, ponder a menu of customization options, and build the home of your dreams that way. If you are in a time crunch, it is definitely worth your while to consider Delaware’s “move-in ready” homes in newly constructed neighborhoods.

Montchanin Builders: the best of both worlds

Montchanin Builders offers the best of both worlds, as we are not only Delaware home addition contractors, but builders too. If you are looking for high-quality craftsmanship, affordable price, and a trusted local company with years of experience, then look no further. Contact us at (302) 655-2600 for a consultation regarding buying a home in Delaware or remodeling one.