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4 Great Kennett Square Shopping Ideas

Historic Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is known for a wide variety of attractions, from an eclectic restaurant scene to being the Mushroom Capital of the World to incredible wineries that attract visitors from near and far. Yet, for locals and visitors alike, one of the biggest draws is Kennett Square’s wonderful, one-of-a-kind shopping scene, featuring a stellar variety of locally-owned boutique shops that offer curated collections of clothing, vintage furniture, hand-crafted home goods, gifts, and much more. A leisurely stroll down these charming streets will reveal many hidden treasures, and after a long afternoon of shopping, you can conveniently reward yourself for your great finds by stopping into a delightful local café or homemade ice cream store. Kennett Square truly has something for everyone!

The unique Kennett Square shopping district is just one more great reason to consider moving into the luxury townhomes now available from Montchanin Builders at Kennett Pointe. Here are some top Kennett Square stores that shouldn’t be missed by any self-respecting shopaholic.

No 109 Shop

No 109 Shop was founded by Heather Vinton Robitzer, a career designer and fashion merchandiser who is inspired by styles around the world and right here at home. She created No 109 Shop to embody a welcoming, friendly atmosphere, where women can shop for chic and sophisticated clothing in comfort. Choose from a broad selection of everyday wear (yes, they even have cute T-shirts!) or glam up your style with special occasion dresses and high-style accessories. Heather also offers design consultations.

Scout & Annie

After whiling away a morning shopping for your own wardrobe, why not buy something for your new townhome? Scout & Annie specializes in hard-to-find vintage furniture, pottery, lighting fixtures, and accessories that will brighten up your space and enhance its look. They offer pieces in a variety of styles, including mid-century modern. Voted the Best Vintage Home Boutique, Scout & Annie’s also sells an exceptional selection of curated gifts, including fine candles and bath products.

Green Eyed Lady

Conveniently located at 100 State Street in Kennett Square, Green Eyed Lady is a boutique shop specializing in women’s clothing, and vintage jewelry and other accessories. They hand-pick all of their items and only sell a limited quantity of each, which means you’ll enjoy having a truly one-of-a-kind look. If you’re looking for an authentic style to make your own, check out their collection of fun and flirty dresses, casual jumpers, professional-looking blouses, and so much more!

Eastcote Lane

So, you just bought a new townhome and you want to continue using the same furniture set from your old home, but it doesn’t quite match your new aesthetic. No problem! Bring it to Eastcote Lane, where they professionally repurpose and/or repaint older furniture to give it new life. Or, if you’re starting from scratch, Eastcote Lane has a broad selection of vintage furniture to choose from. You’ll also find lovely vintage chandeliers, home décor items, and local artwork—everything you need to make your new house a home.

Check out move-in ready homes in the borough of Kennett Square

Kennett Pointe is the newest master-planned community from Montchanin Builders. Our architects have designed this exclusive, close-knit community with luxury townhomes and loft apartments, along with shops and businesses built with convenience in mind. Homebuyers choose Montchanin Builders communities because of our spacious and flexible floorplans, luxurious amenities, and gorgeous home designs. They also love the convenience of being nestled within a cozy community, yet remaining close to in-town amenities.

Whatever drives you, you can find your new home at Kennett Pointe. Schedule a viewing of our townhomes for sale in Kennett Square by calling today, and be sure to inquire about our special financing offers.

3 Signs You Are Ready to Be a Homeowner

Sooner or later, almost everyone who rents a home starts to think about buying one. If you’re trying to decide whether making a home purchase is right for you, then you might begin by asking what is motivating you. Chances are, there are multiple reasons why you are thinking about becoming a homeowner. Narrowing down those reasons can help you determine whether you’re ready to take this important step. These are some of the sure signs that it’s time to seriously consider purchasing your own home.

You want your own space.

There are numerous potential issues with renting a home, but chief among them is that it simply isn’t your property. Your landlord has ultimate control over your living space, and this can result in a number of potential problems for you, such as intrusive visits or failure to perform necessary repairs. You may also have to put up with noisy neighbors, and it’s likely that you won’t have as much privacy as you want. If you want to be able to enjoy a home that is truly yours, then making the leap to become a homeowner is the best way to do it.

You’ve decided it’s time to settle down.

Most experts recommend that you wait to buy a home until you are planning to stay in that area for at least a few years. If you’re like most people, it has probably taken you some time to find a location that you really like. You may have moved from one neighborhood, city, or even state to another many times in search of the right area. Once you have found a place that you plan to stay in, then you may be ready to move beyond renting your home. That’s when it’s time to begin seriously looking for the right house.

You’re ready to make an investment in your future.

Buying a home is more than a simple purchase. It’s a long-term investment that may accumulate value for many years to come. Rather than spending money every month on a home that isn’t yours, you’ll be making payments on a property that belongs to you. Needless to say, this is a major financial decision for most people, and it’s not one to take lightly. That’s why it’s important to take as much time as you need to weigh your options and find the best homes in your area.

Your journey toward becoming a homeowner begins with finding the right home. If you’re looking for new homes for sale in Wilmington, Delaware, or Kennett Square, PA, then Montchanin Builders is here to serve your needs. Our master-planned communities offer the level of class and comfort that today’s home buyers have come to expect. With their fantastic location, exceptional amenities, and spacious design, our charming homes are the epitome of affordable luxury. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour of one of our new-construction homes at Darley Green, Barley Mill or town homes near Kennett Square at Kennett Pointe. We will be happy to provide you with more information about any of our communities.

How Far Is Kennett Square from Philly?

Kennett Square, PA, is approximately 40 miles from Philadelphia. If you’re driving to Philly from Kennett Square, it will take about an hour. If you’re taking the bus and/or the train, it will take a little under two hours. While the train is a longer trip, many people find it more convenient than driving. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the journey without dealing with the hassle of traffic.

These days, home buyers want it all. And who could blame them? They want to live in a cozy, close-knit community, yet be close to all the amenities and excitement of a major city. In historic Kennett Square, you really can have it all. This small town is a peaceful place to live, yet it’s just a short trip away from Philadelphia. It’s an ideal place for commuters who work in the city, as well as people who enjoy traveling there on weekends for shopping, fine dining, nightlife, and recreation.

Options for getting from Kennett Square to Philly

There are a couple of public transportation options available for commuters and weekenders headed to Philly from Kennett Square. You could take the Line 104 bus and then transfer to a train, or you could take the Line 104 bus and then transfer to the Line 21 bus. These options are both just shy of two hours. Alternatively, you might choose to drive there yourself, which will only take about an hour, depending on traffic. Here are your route options for driving there:

  • US-1 N and I-95 N
  • US-1 N, I-476 S, and I-95 N
  • I-95 N

Popular must-see attractions in Philly

When you drive or take the bus or train from Kennett Square to Philly for the weekend, there’s so much to do that it can be difficult to narrow down your list. Some of the most popular things to do in Philly include the following:

  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Adventure Aquarium
  • Independence Hall
  • Mutter Museum
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Independence National Historical Park

Explore our townhomes in Kennett Square, PA

Are you ready to take advantage of all of the great things Kennett Square has to offer? It’s time to explore the new construction homes near Kennett Square available from Montchanin Builders. Our home buyers love living in a cozy, close-knit community that embodies a true sense of neighborliness. Yet, these luxury townhomes are close to all of the great amenities that the big city has to offer. With Philly just a short drive away, there is no shortage of activities to enjoy.

Call Montchanin Builders today to ask us about our available townhomes in Kennett Square, PA. They are true architectural gems artfully built within our master-planned community of Kennett Pointe.

What Are Some Highly Rated Breakfast/Brunch Spots in Kennett Square, PA?

Kennett Square, PA, has no shortage of fantastic brunch spots, including:

What’s better than a leisurely weekend brunch, where you can mix and match your favorite breakfast and lunch foods, relax with family and friends, and possibly enjoy an early afternoon cocktail or two? Learn more below about some of the best brunch restaurants in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, a historic town known for its quaint charm and vibrant dining scene.

The Market at Liberty Place

If you’ve ever experienced Faneuil Hall in Boston, you’ll feel right at home in The Market at Liberty Place. Located at 148 West State St. in Kennett Square, The Market is a friendly gathering of local vendors positioned along the exterior walls, with a central dining area in the middle. It’s the perfect place to pick up a delicious breakfast to go or dine in before heading off for some shopping or other excursions. On Saturdays and Sundays, The Market serves up a scrumptious brunch with cocktails courtesy of Liberty Place Pub.

Evergreen Café, Bakery, and Juicery

You’ll find the Evergreen Café, Bakery, and Juicery at 216 South Mill Road in Kennett Square. True to its name, the restaurant offers a range of healthy, fresh juices, must-try smoothies, and baked goods. It’s open early for breakfast on Wednesdays through Sundays. Choose from their famous breakfast sandwiches, burritos, and breakfast salad. Their pancakes, waffles, and French toast are also a hit with locals and visitors.

If you’re at the restaurant for brunch, you can also choose from an array of delicious lunch items like panini with grilled chicken, apples, and chipotle aioli. One of their specialty items is the acai bowl, which features acai berries blended with avocado, coconut milk, and bananas, and topped with granola and fresh berries.

The Gables at Chadds Ford

If you’re looking to impress your loved ones with brunch at an upscale establishment, look no further than The Gables at Chadds Ford. This beautiful restaurant has won numerous awards from The Knot, Wedding Wire, and others, and their brunch is to die for. Choose a charcuterie board to share (the fig and prosciutto is popular, as is the Kennett Square Mushroom platter) or start with the mushroom soup, sesame seared tuna ahi, or roasted artichokes. Salads and elegant sandwiches are also available, as is traditional brunch fare like classic eggs benedict and Belgian waffles.

Check out new townhomes for sale in Kennett Square, PA

World-class dining experiences are just one compelling reason to move to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Montchanin Builders proudly offers new-construction townhomes for sale near Kennett Square that are close to plenty of delectable dining spots, historical attractions, outdoor recreation, and cultural attractions. For these reasons, Montchanin Builders selected Kennett Square as the location for our newest master-planned community—Kennett Pointe, a beautiful, walkable community populated with exquisitely designed homes. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our townhomes for sale in Kennett Square by calling today!

Why Is Kennett Square, PA the Mushroom Capital of the World?

Kennett Square, PA, is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World because over half of all U.S. mushrooms come from this area. The tradition of mushroom farming in Kennett Square dates as far back as the late 19th century. Today, the incredibly popular Mushroom Festival held every September features about 250 vendors and is estimated to have about 100,000 visitors.

Easy access to fresh, delicious mushrooms is only one of the many amazing perks of buying a new construction home near Kennett Square. Locally sourced mushrooms and other produce are highlights of the area’s vibrant restaurant scene, and other attractions include world-class shopping and close proximity to all the big-city amenities of Philadelphia. With its quaint character and historic charm, Kennett Square has it all for today’s home buyers. Check out the astonishing new homes for sale at Kennett Pointe!

About 65% of all U.S. mushrooms come from Kennett Square

There’s a good chance that you’ve dined on a piece of Kennett Square, PA, without realizing it. This cozy community in southeast Pennsylvania produces more than 65% of the mushroom crop for the entire U.S. But how did this come to be, and why are so many farmers in Kennett Square producing mushrooms?

How Kennett Square became the Mushroom Capital of the World

Certain types of produce are inseparably linked to specific geographical locations. Vidalia onions, for example, can only legally be grown in 20 counties in Georgia (when grown anywhere else, they have to be sold under another name). Similarly, Kennett Square is forever linked to edible fungi, but not because of some virtue of soil conditions or climate. In fact, mushroom farms are indoors.

The reason lies in history and sheer happenstance. Pennsylvania was heavily populated by Quakers during the 19th century. In 1885, two Quakers who grew flowers decided they wanted to do something with the wasted space under their carnations. So, they took a boat to Europe to learn about mushroom growing and bring back spores. The Quakers then hired laid-off quarry workers to handle the harvest and other labor-intensive activities.

Those workers apparently decided that mushroom farming was a much better occupation than stone quarrying, and they went on to start their own farms. It seems the business idea was contagious, because by the mid-20th century, Kennett Square was home to hundreds of mushroom growing operations. Today, 68 mushroom farms in the state produce 68% of the nation’s mushroom crop, and most of those farms are multi-generational.

Enjoy the local delicacies at the annual Mushroom Festival

Now that you know the history behind the Mushroom Capital of the World, it’s time to plan your next trip to the annual Mushroom Festival. Kennett Square has hosted the Mushroom Festival every year since 1986 (with some modifications necessary during the pandemic year). It’s been voted among the top food festivals by multiple publications. Even better, all of its proceeds are donated to area charities and distributed via community grants.

When it was first held, the Mushroom Festival lasted just one day and stretched over two blocks. Today, it’s about a mile in length and includes about 250 vendors and approximately 100,000 visitors. It also has lots of fun activities for people of all ages—from mushroom growing exhibits to contests to culinary events to children’s activities. The festival is held on the first weekend after Labor Day.

Explore our new construction homes near Kennett Square

At Montchanin Builders, we have a long tradition of building exceptionally designed, well-appointed homes with spacious floorplans. But that’s not all. We also craft charming master-planned communities with wide-open green spaces, areas for outdoor recreation, and generously proportioned lots. If you’re thinking of moving to the area, you’re invited to learn more about our new townhomes in Kennett Square, PA, at Kennett Pointe. Call to request more information on our Kennett Pointe community today!

Best Outdoor Dining in Kennett Square

There is something special about al fresco dining. Diners have long enjoyed delicious food out in the open air, but during the pandemic, outdoor dining became particularly popular due to safety concerns. In Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, you’ll find no shortage of outdoor dining options. In fact, the fabulous restaurant and wine scene is one reason why so many people are gobbling up new construction homes near Kennett Square. Check out the following al fresco dining options!

Café de Thai

If you’re in the mood for Asian food, Café de Thai is a must-try. Café de Thai is an elegant restaurant that serves up authentic Thai cuisine at indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. They offer traditional Thai dishes, including pad Thai and Thai red curry, as well as firecracker shrimp, chicken satay, and even Thai-style hot wings. This restaurant prefers to source as many of its ingredients as possible from local farmers’ markets and other local vendors, so you can trust the freshness of their menu items and feel good about patronizing multiple local businesses at the same time. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

Portabello’s of Kennett Square

Portabello’s is fine dining at its best. This romantic restaurant is perfect for a date night, whether you choose indoor or outdoor seating. The menu changes from one season to the next to allow the chefs to take advantage of the freshest possible ingredients. Some seasonal favorites include the fig and goat cheese pizza, steak Portabello, crispy duck, and Avalon crab cakes. Portabello’s also offers an extensive wine list and creative cocktail menu.

The Creamery of Kennett Square

The Creamery is an expansive restaurant that has long offered outdoor dining options. The facility was originally home to the Eastern Condensed Milk Company, founded in 1902. In 2016, the space was converted into a pop-up beer garden and community space. The success of the pop-up event turned The Creamery into a full-time business, complete with beer garden and delicious food (including a kids’ menu). This innovative restaurant routinely features live music and a range of local artwork, inviting its guests to enjoy new artistic expression in the spirit of community.

Explore new construction homes near Kennett Square

You can take advantage of everything that Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, has to offer when you move to Kennett Pointe—the exclusive new community by Montchanin Builders. Comprised of just 53 luxury townhomes and loft-style apartments, Kennett Pointe offers an ideal blend of in-town amenities and spacious living. Our thoughtfully designed townhomes near Kennett Square follow a spacious layout, and outdoors, you’ll enjoy beautiful landscaping and tree-lined boulevards.

Call Montchanin Builders today to schedule a tour of our townhomes in Kennett Square or Darley Green, and be sure to ask about special financing offers!

More on outdoor dining in Kennett Square:

3 Myths About the 2021 Real Estate Market

The real estate market has been heating up this year, with home sellers eager to move and home buyers itching to find their dream homes. The market’s robust activity has given rise to a few myths about what home sellers and buyers can expect. Whether you’re worried about pricing your old home to sell or scheduling an inspection of a home you’re thinking of buying, you’ll want to get the truth behind these common myths.

Myth: When selling your old home, it’s best to price as high as possible.

One of the biggest mistakes homebuyers make is pricing their old home too high. Yes, you’ll want to get top dollar for your property, but if you set the price too high, you’ll scare off a slew of potential buyers. Plus, if you price your home above its market value, it will likely stay on the market for a long time. This can interfere with your plans to move into a new home. It’s always a good idea to talk to a licensed real estate agent about the value of your home and a strong asking point. Remember that there’s a good chance you’ll end up getting more than your asking price. If your home is in great condition, buyers may engage in a bidding war for it.

Myth: Renovating your old home is crucial before putting it on the market.

This myth is partially true and partially false. The truth is that it depends on your home. If your home is relatively updated, you might not need to make many changes beyond painting the walls in neutral colors or installing new carpeting. If your home is older, however, some renovations can go a long way toward attracting buyers and getting top dollar. Realtors generally recommend putting the most money in the kitchen and the bathrooms, as updated kitchens and bathrooms are highly attractive to home buyers.

Myth: Home buyers cannot tour new homes in person because of the pandemic.

Since early 2020 when many businesses temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, homebuyers have largely been shopping for houses online. Online listings can only tell you so much, however, even if they feature a video tour of the home. Fortunately, with the availability of vaccines and loosening of restrictions, it’s now possible to view potential homes in person.

If you’re planning to move to a new area entirely, such as from New York to Delaware, it’s still a good idea to check out new homes online first. Use the online information to narrow down your list, and then schedule viewings in person for a time when you plan to be in the area. Don’t forget when viewing new homes that you’ll also want to check out the local amenities, such as shops, dining, nightlife, and cultural or historical attractions.

Montchanin Builders offers home buying made easy

The home buying process can be complicated, but Montchanin Builders specializes in making it easy and hassle-free. We’ve partnered with one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders to give our home buyers the best possible rates. Find out more today about our master-planned community of Kennett Pointe in PA is an exclusive neighborhood with luxurious amenities. Or, explore our homes for sale in Wilmington, Delaware. The Darley Green community invites home buyers to explore our tree-lined streets and beautiful townhomes.